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Week 3 finished :)

Jumped on the scales this morning and had broken through the 13st barrier, weighing in at

12st 13lb. Yey! An 8lb 2oz loss in total. Week 2 was slow as I didn't take any exercise and I've found that the weight shifts much easier when I get out on my bike for 30 minutes,

two or three times a week, even when eating my full calorie allowance of 1400. My waist has reduced by 1 and 3/4 inches too, so that's healthier for me.

Best of luck to everyone participating in this journey.

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That's fantastic! Well done you! That's the inspiring post I want to read since I start week 2 tomorrow. What a boost it is mentally to get into the next stone down! Keep at it and I look forward to your posts x

Ps hope it's ok to follow you since you are the same weight and just a few weeks ahead of me


Hi KO71, sorry I've been slow to reply. It's good to hear I've got a weight loss friend. Best of luck with the programme and keep us posted on your journey. At the moment I haven't had too many blips (it's easier not to have a glass of wine or two when I work out how many calories they would cost me!) And I like writing down my calorie intake every day and keeping it within the 1400.

Though I find that if I don't exercise the weight doesn't shift so easily. I think increased activity is a key part of the programme.

What's your weigh-in day? Are you just weighing yourself once a week? It's tempting to jump on the scales every day but minor fluctuations upwards can be disheartening so I try to keep it to twice a week. Hope you're doing well :)


Yay that's great ubiquitous! Massive well done!! Best of luck for week 4!! 🌸


Hi Anna999, Half way through week 4 (I hope it's being good to you). There's the weekend ahead and I'm thinking of packing in lots of exercise so that on Monday morning the scale dial will be a little nearer the 12 stone mark. Onwards and downwards! PS I expect your enthusiasm burns a lot of energy: keep smiling :)


Ah it goes so quickly, I've had the busiest week at work, so yes hopefully all the rushing around has burned off a few cals! Packing in lots of exercise sounds like a good plan, unfortunately I have lots of uni work in front of the computer to be doing, going to be a case of good planning methinks☺ my goal was 3lb this week, think it may be a bit optimistic but we shall see, anything is a positive! Best wishes 🌸


Wow, that's fab!!! well done :)


8 lbs in 3 weeks is amazing! Great job! Keep it up!


Well done on your weight loss so far you are doing really well. Good luck with your continued journey


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