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Restart of week 2

Well its happened again, I came off the wagon. I've been ill the past few weeks and just monged out :( So this week is where it starts i've been out of my boxing for 9 weeks now and finally restarting tomorrow. I've just done 10 minutes of skipping in the garden and I'm pooped so training tomorrow is going to be SOOOO HARD, its going to hurt so much I just know it. But I can and I will do this!!

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Maybe you are trying to do too much? Perhaps try setting yourself smaller manageable targets that you are able to stick to over the long term, remember it's not Sprint, it's a Marathon that lasts a lifetime. :)

Good Luck with it!

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Well, you need to refocus and make simple healthy choices little by little that will stay for good. And only make changes that you will be able to stick with, slow and steady is better than fast and fail, good luck!


Oh dear! What are you like? I have cut right back on sugary things which really helps as I don't crave for them so much. Did want something today but just asked myself "Do you live to eat or eat to live?" Would it help if you weighed yourself twice a week? It make keep you on track as a week is a long time when you have such a change. Why are you making exercise so hard for yourself? Go out for brisk walks (uphill is best) just 30 minutes a day to start with which is quite easy and enjoyable. It's a forever change so choose exercises that you know you'll do for life. I love gardening and spent at least 2 hours digging it up and moving plants and pots. That burns up 5 calories a minute. Didn't I do well? Do you check the forum every day? I do and if I feel like giving in I think of all the replies I've been doing and think "Don't let yourself down or the group". Keep with us! x


Hey guys, thanks for the replies.

Eeek1110 I know I'm terrible haha

I think what it was: I was ill in bed for a few days and didn't eat much then when I started feeling better but still had a nasty cough so went back to eating healthy but over eating way too much with massive portions and not doing the exercise I usually do (which is skipping). Like I said I haven't been boxing for 9 weeks now so getting my fitness back up is going to be interesting but I find I absolutely love being pushed beyond my boundaries of fitness even though I moan haha.

I don't usually check the forum daily but I think I should start to keep up motivation. It shall be my new Facebook haha :D


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