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First half stone off


Weighed in today as last day of Week 5 and heading off for a couple of days for Easter. Another pound down making my first half stone. Really pleased with that. Have just counted calories but also not cut out anything just cut down on portion sizes and make sensible swaps like baked potato instead of mash and crispbread instead of bread. I've also read the calories on packages which showed the multigrain bread we normally have has 122 calories a slice so swapped to one with 89 calories a slice instead.

Treated myself to a bunch of roses as a non-calorific treat.

Happy Easter to everyone and good luck with your own weightloss journeys.

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Woohoo! Well done :-) Keep up the good work

Hi munstermaid, very well done on your first half stone I'm really pleased for you and you have been making some really good choices swapping out higher calorie foods for lower ones, but sticking to your favourite foods that's great to well done again. Keep up the good work.

Well done!

Very good! Being conscious of what we are eating is a big part of succeeding! Congrats on your loss and keep it up!

Well done 😄

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