Second day

I can not believe how happy I feel today. After doing exercise for the first time in I don't know how many years, I thought I would be in agony today. Yes my knees are sore but it's liveable, what has surprised me most is my attitude I feel so happy. For someone how was suicidal last week this is amazing. I just hope that I continue to feel better. Being able to put my thoughts out to others who are going through the same thing is great. I have been to groups to loose weight but when you went home you were on your own, now that isn't so.


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7 Replies

  • Hi, good to hear you are entering a positive cycle! Good luck and enjoy the path!

  • That's brilliant that you are feeling more positive in yourself! I've always been too embarrassed to go to groups or anything, the thought makes me feel sick..! So it's a revelation to be able to talk to others about it on here for me too!

    If you have knee pain, maybe try and stick to closed chain exercises that put less strain on your knees. For example cycling is really good, or cross trainer. Also squats and stepping as strengthening your leg muscles provides more support to your knees. Avoid the stuff that hurts alot such as running/jumping initially, these can be added in as weight goes down and your body gets stronger. I've recently had a knee operation so had lots of advice from physio therapy about exercises that reduce strain on the knees.

    Keep up the good work and hold on to the happiness you are feeling 🌸

  • I was very nervous about going to any group and was actually shaking when I went to the exercise class, but I did it and I am glad I did. I can't do the knee exercises you suggested because I have a knee replacement and it did not go as expected. That put me off for a long time but the exercising in water is good.

    i am glad to hear that your knee op. went well.

  • That's great that you found the confidence to go to the class, I'm still building myself up to it... It's still early days, my op was only 5weeks ago so I'm still restricted on what I can do exercise wise as it's painful and still healing, mainly only static cycling at the moment,plus the strengthening physio ones that I mentioned.

    I'm sorry to hear your knee op was not a success but it's great you have found something you can do to keep active!

  • It's my 2nd day too and I feel the same 😬

  • Hi to all of us on the second day :) I have left the car at home - walked to work, 20 mins each way, some of it uphill. Collected my daughter from school, which is a 10 mintue walk each way. That is an hour of walking today. Just had a difficult 5 minutes. I finished my tea, then the thought of cheese and oatcakes popped into my head. That's been one of my problems; carrying on eating after tea. Now the temptation has passed and I am making do with my low cal hot chocolate. Well done Housesprite on the exercise, it make a massive difference. Anna hope your knee heals soon, the exercise suggestions are good as I am aware that if I work up to running again it is a strain on the joints.

  • Hello, so pleased to hear that you are feeling so good now re the exercise. I have just joined my local gym, had my induction a few days ago and will aim to get there three times per week. But I am sadly lacking in willpower re both tempting fattening food and exercise so will remind myself how good you feel at having made the effort, I will now do the same.

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