Week 6 starts here!

Well I did lose 2lb this week but thought it'd be more. However it's still a loss and I can feel the difference as my clothes are fitting a bit better. Finished week 5 on C25K as well so feeling good. However, weekend away this weekend and nervous that I'm gonna revert to bad habits. Not going to have a kitchen to do my own thing. Well just have to see. Good luck to you all this week. Continue the good work and keep up the posts. x


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7 Replies

  • Well done on losing 2lbs thats great and a healthy amount to lose. Great that you are seeing other benefits in your clothes feeling looser, its a wonderful feeling isnt it? Hope you have a lovely weekend, try not to worry too much as worry and stress can make things worse. Just make the best food choices you can and stay active if you can

  • Ooh good point didn't think about the impact of stress :-$ I'm just going to have to try my best. Hopefully an active weekend will help and I know there is a running shop so may go and get gait analysis if i'm feeling brave. Thanks for the good advice x

  • No problem, hope you have a good time x

  • A 2 lbs loss is great! Don't worry about going away, as long as you make healthy choices you'll be ok. Enjoy your weekend!

  • Thank you HRH. I'm going to try very hard. We have got quite a busy weekend planned and am going to attempt my first outdoor run so fingers crossed if I can keep the calories down it won't be too detrimental. However the kids want to go to a milkshake bar and they do my fave shake banana and peanut butter. Maybe a small one ha ha.

  • You will be ok Julia, I have faith in you. Keep up the good work x

  • Thanks Wombat, you have a good week and try not to get stressed x

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