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Hey all,

Have you seen the dechox for march that people are doing to raise money for the british heart foundation? Basically you give up chocolate in march and people sponsor you to do so. Ive been struggling with chocolate cravings lately so i am trying to get them to do it at work as a group will make it easier.

Anyone else thinking of doing it?

Well bit the bullet and signed up for it :-)

If anyone wants to sponsor me that would be great, no pressure, but if you do thank you x


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Already there. And for those who think that way, Lent starts tomorrow. Give it up for a month and hopefully it's easier after. Good luck :)

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I've already signed up and got my first sponsor.


It's a variation on 'give up something for Lent'. No point in me doing it. I haven't eaten chocolate for I can't remember how long. To give it up I'd have to start it! A bit like giving up smoking - I'd have to start in order to give up.


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