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Tefal Air Fryer

Yesterday we had Cumberland Sausage, Chips and Beans.

This time for the chips we put oven chips in the Air Fryer without any oil. We were all impressed how evenly the chips cooked. Every one had a nice crispy outer coating and soft inside.

Has anyone else used these Air Fryers? I am not sure if they help reduce the calories but our oil consumption has reduced dramatically.

I've also made chips using real potatoes cut up and adding a spoonful of oil and that tastes even better but is more effort.

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Yeah we've had one for a couple of years now, the Phillips though not the Tefal one. I don't use it for myself, it's mainly used for Son and my wife occasionally though I have enjoyed some sweet potato chips it produced. You should not need put oil in with oven chips because as a rule they are already coated in oil, not all oven chips are created equally though, watch out for some of them as they are also coated with wheat flour and other little surprises, if in doubt read the label.


Hi, I have a Breville but I'm sure they're all the same. Never tried oven chips but have done normal spuds with and without skins and sweet potatoes too. I find sweet potatoes hold together better with the skin on and it is of course healthier that way. Happy (healthy) frying.


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