Resisting cravings!

I have a filling lunch with me today to satisfy my hunger (still healthy within kcal range) but then the tannoy announcement as the sandwich van arrived made my mouth water for a homemade brownie or rocky road... my BED (binge eating disorder) will not get the better of my waistline and purse today! A big guzzle of water and headphones in = sorted :)


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10 Replies

  • It might not help but were I work we have a M&S food & they sell the best lemon drizzle cakes.. I used to get one a day at one point, now I don't bring money with me! I still crave one but with no money I know I can't have one! Helps me :)

  • Do you ever treat yourself one? Or feel as though you 'need' one on down days (if you get them)?

  • Brilliant! Well done! Now watch out for the ice- cream van!

  • Thanks :) good point they might bring one round in summer months...

  • Take care - we had one round yesterday! Temperature 4 degrees! Not sure how many customers he had!

  • That takes done guts well done

  • That takes some guts Is what isn't was meant to say

  • Thank-you, habit breaking is sometimes harder than dieiting

  • well done!

  • Yes I do treat myself some days, usually a Friday if I've done well that week, but don't have one every week!! I've got more use to it now, it was a lot harder at first! Oh god I'm not looking forward to the ice cream days, an ice lolly would be ok to have, but ordering one over a 99 would take really will power !! lol x

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