Week three

I ve been stressed and quiet disappointed since this morning , weighed myself ,I had gained 300 gms . I thot of giving up then considered to continue no matter what , all these inspite of getting back on track n trying harder at exercising , s I'm into couch to5 k week 3 and their strength n flexablity . Last week I worked out6 days three one hr n 3 half hrs n I never crossed my 1400 limit n have tuned into healthy eating , trying to stay positive . Any suggestions any one y I'm not loosing and what can I do to improve my loosing power.


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10 Replies

  • Thank u frnd I'll chk it out

  • It could be that with the exercise you are making more muscle and this is denser than fat. Are you changing shape at all? Some people go by measurement rather than weight for this reason.

    Whatever, I imagine you are feeling good with the exercise. Stick with it and you will see changes.

  • I too struggled on week three and didn't loose anything despite being good. Today I weighed my self and have lost two and a quarter pounds. So stick with it. Sometimes your body needs to catch up with what we are doing.

    Keep going the forum is really useful of letting know you are not alone and other people struggle to. After all if it was easy we would all be skinny Minnie!


  • This means a lot to me thanks or being there dear

  • Last week I gained 300g too and was a bit disappointed, but I kept on and two days after I lost 1 kg. So I think our bodies are adjusting to our new healthy lifestyle. Maybe you are retaining water, which is not that bad, as water will flow away! Continue with your healthy choices and keep us posted!

  • Thank u thank u so so much u made me feel that I'm not alone a boosts me to stay on track thank u again

  • I had a similar experience week 3. Like you determined not to give in and think week 4 going better. As unmotivating as it is, just accept that was week 3 and move on! You sound like you have done loads of good things, keep going .

  • I really appreciate this, it encourages me to stay on track thanx for encouraging me

  • Have another look at your food diary just to make sure you're not missing anything or under stating portion size, it's easily done.

    You may need to drop the calorie intake a little more, perhaps 100 calls a day to get out of the plateau you've hit.

    Don't give up, you're doing all the right things.

  • I will already eat only 1200 so if I had miss calculated it adds up to the 200 extra anyways I'll sure look into it , thank u so much for keeping me motivated friends

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