New day

Hello there everyone ! today it is a new day and in here it is just sunny and a little bit cold but i like it. Well the thing is that all this days eating regularly fruits and veggies made me feel a little bit lighter and the weird fact was that i don't feel hungry at all today and its amazing cause i use to feel like always i wanted to eat. I really didn't want to eat breakfast nor lunch but i kind of forced myself to eat cause i really don't want to skip meals even that just eating a little bit. For breakfast i just eat an apple and for lunch just a simple tomato and cucumber salad. I feel OK so far and lets see how the rest of the day goes.


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8 Replies

  • thank you so much i am trying actually not to drastically cut down calories but i mention just for today i wasn't that hungry and i kind of forced myself to eat really small meals cause i know it is important not to skip meals and to take the right amount of food my body needs to function. thanks though i really appreciate it .

  • Make sure you eat the right amount I used to eat like this and by Friday you may binge because your body is so hungry . Glad you feel ok we need a positive thought for the day I've got tuna salad for tea and I am going to enjoy it lol x

  • hey Snats yea i am trying not to do that cause i know the result in the end i was just not hungry today and i forced myself to eat those meals to get the calories needed. and throughout the day i snacked with veggies and fruits and some nuts so i guess i compensated that thanks though

  • keep going!

  • thank you Kooki

  • Great one hun keep going x

  • Hi there,

    be careful and make sure that you maintain a healthy diet, if you don't eat enough your body will go into starvation mode and it will be harder to lose weight. You do right in making sure you have breakfast. For me its the smaller portions and the cutting out snacking in between that i'm aiming for to support my weight loss journey

  • Hi

    how have you got on today with the healthy eating?

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