Lack of calories?

Hey everyone,

My current weight as it stands is 115kg (very overweight I know), according to my fitness pal and some other websites, my recommended calorie intake ranges from 1800-2100! Now on a typical dieting day i would consume around 1200-1500 calories and would burn an average 600 calories at the gym, which worked a treat when I started my weight loss journey, but have plateaued for a few months now.

Anyone have any advice as to how I can kick start shifting these pounds (stones!!) off? Do i really need to consume more food?!


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10 Replies

  • Thank you so much, I'll look into it! Best of luck to you too, we'll get there! :)

  • The logic is that when you consume less calories than you should, your body does not have enough energy to function properly and your metabolism goes slower, which is why you get bigger instead of losing weight. Does it make sense now? The secret is to be honest with yourself and to care less about the number of calories and more of the quality of things you are eating. You better eat 5 carrots and 3 apples instead of a cereal bar that has only 100 kcals. Why? Because you get more nutrients, no toxins and no refined sugar. Plenty of vitamins and energy ;) Our meals should be 80% vegetables, fruits, nuts and only 20% meat, etc, but for most of the people it's the way around, hence the health problems and the weight issues as well.

    I never used to count calories, for one year of my life I was a vegetarian, most of the time I eat my food raw, I ate tones of fruits (I know what everybody says about fruits and sugar, etc), but I still lost more than 20kg in one year and felt great, not even a headache or flue, anything. But I had no sugar at all the entire time, not even chewing gum, no fizzy drinks, no meat, only fish occasionally. Now it doesn't work anymore, I have to eat less fruits, everyone is different, every body reacts different. To be on the safe boat eat more vegetables and stop putting so much accent on the number of calories, but on the quality of the calories you ingest ;) I hope it helps. Good luck!

  • Thank you so much for your reply, I think i really do need to review my diet! The only thing i question at times is my exercising, i started off doing x2 spinning classes, x2 body pump lessons and 1 cardio lesson a week, with that amount of exercise at my size you'd think it would melt off, but nothing! I wonder if i'm overdoing it a little bit and should maybe pace myself?

    Well done on your 20kg loss!, literally amazing!

  • Thank you, but that was a few years ago, now I'm struggling a lot, I have never ever in my life been as big as now, neither I thought I would be, but some health issues mixed with some unhealthy habits brought me to it. Now I've started a great challenge, I want to lose 30 kilos this year, so help me God. In the past, every time I've lost weight and kept myself fit, exercising didn't help as much as the diet (in my case). I tried exercising lots of time without any results. I always had a slow metabolism and losing weight it's a very slow and long process for me, no matter how drastic I get. I've tried this program called T-25 and in only 3 weeks I could see a huge difference, but I can't say I enjoy it, as I hate exercising so I'm planning to give yoga a change, never had before and everybody says it's great. Sometimes losing weight it's a long process and most of the time if we don't get results in 2 weeks we get disappointed and give up. This time I'm planning to be serious and started a scrapbook with my resolutions for 2015 where I put all sorts of things not only my losing weight plan. Just to remind myself that I can do whatever I plan and wish to, I can acomplish it if I can dream about it ;) for now I take long walks and listen to my thought while I walk, I also want to take classes of irish dances, as I think they are very challenging, but it's the type of exercise I will enjoy doing. I think the secret is to be patient with yourself, but in the same time to push your limits and change your entire life style for ever, otherwise after a while you'll be in the same situation even if this time you manage to lose weight. Don't kill yourself in the gym, take it easy and give your body time to acomodate.

    PS:I took pictures and weighted myself before starting and I'm planning to do it only once a month. If you go on the scale to often you get disappointed as the kilos don't go as fast as they came and you might be tempted to give up everything. Good luck!

  • Try googling "Adaptive thermogenesis", it explains how the body adapts to your calorie intake so that you stop losing weight. Try changing your calorie intake, up or down, for a day. Also try changing what you eat, too many calories from carbs can stop your weight loss.

  • Thanks for your helpful advice Penel, will definitely take that into account :)

  • Hi, im 110kg so feel your pain. I eat between 1200-1400cal a day i got this amount from a calculation in jillian michaels book "winning by losing" and its working for me. But everyone is different, it could be what you are eating, or you could need to increase the intensity of your exercise, it could also be your metabolism has gotten used to your routine. Jillian michaels talks about fluctuating your daily calories so if you eat 1400 a day (9800 a week) you can fluctuate it daily so 1200 one day 1600 the next as long as you eat 9800 a week, it stops your metabolism getting used to your daily routine. You need to find what works for you.

    Good luck and hope you stop plateauing soon

  • Thank you so much for your advice, i think my metabolism needs a good kick, really need to take into consideration my calorie intake and shake it up a bit! Good luck on your journey, we'll get there :)

  • Thank you im sure we will :-) week 11 of the nhs 12 week plan talks about plateaus might be worth giving it a read. Lots of tips on how to overcome the plateau. Good luck to you too

  • Yes my doctor put me on 1200 calories a day. Was not easy at first but managed to do it . I started training at the gym about two months ago. I have seen the benefit of exercising and healthy eating.

    I piced a time that I know I would be sitting down and watching TV, and managed to allocated it to my gym time. Which is an hour of training everyday.

    I have set my target on how much cardio I could do, and combine it with a bit of weight to tone up my muscle. I must say I felt good.

    I am training 7 days a week for one hour each day., plus a good diet of fish and vegetables. The rarely is awesome. Try to walk as much as possible, take stairs and be as much active as you can.

    I hope this help.

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