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Planning to start the plan

My husband and I (no this is not the queen ;-) have agreed that this is the year we need to do something to get fit and lose a chunk of weight. I saw this NHS 12 week plan and we both like the idea of working to a plan, although I think we may be more in the 52 week plan weight zone, so we thought this would be a good place to start. We are (according to our kids) at that age where we are repeating ourselves, so we can always do it more than once.

Monday 5th January will be day one on the plan with today and tomorrow are prep days, planning menus for the week, looking at our diaries to see when we can squeeze in some exercise together and separately. I am out of the house for at least 11hrs a day working full time/traveling and Grandpa Mac works 12hr day/night shifts mostly driving, we both through necessity spend the majority of this time on our bottoms, so exercise is definitely required.

We know this is going to be really tough at time so I just wanted to say hi on this forum and let you all know we are going to be looking for support.

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