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Hi all,

Where to start? New to this, well I'm 28 years old, 2 kids and am a super obese 20 stone 2lbs. Can't quite believe how easy it was to arrive at this weight - but it's pretty much been a stone per year since I left home at 18. Body is a mess, hypoglycaemic symptoms, can't keep up with the kids at all, feel the effects of all this weight and just want to sleep/sit all the time. Doesn't help that my partner is super skinny and can eat whatever he likes (and does) bringing home crisps and unhealthy snacks each evening. Need to know where to start on this long journey. I know I need to do something and am using myfitnesspal app to diarise my food and calorie intake. Hoping it helps. But what other motivations did you find really help and keep you focused?



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  • I may be able to offer some advice, but can I ask; Do you really want to lose your weight and if so what would you say your perfect weight would be?

  • Thank you. Gosh yes I really do want to lose weight. There is nothing I want more. Long term I would like to maintain a healthy weight: ideally and realistically around 12.5 stone but I recognise it's going to take a long time to get there and Im ready to get started, any weight loss at this stage would be an improvement I feel but I want to steadily decrease it until I get to that target eventually.

  • Ok try to stick with this plan for 60 days and see if it works!

    1. No booze, no sugar, no white processed foods, no bread, and no cheating!

    2. Google low gi foods and don't eat any hi glycemic foods. This will cut down insulin spikes

    3. Stop drinking tap water and try spring water. Don't worry lidl do cheap bottles and try to drink at least 2 litres Aday

    4. This doesn't matter but affordable try juicing. Jason vale has a juicer in asda for £88

    5. brealfast eat like a king or queen. Yes scrabbled egg bacon, fruit or lizi's granola is great with yogurt

    6. Eat 6 times a day but eat right foods and amounts. except breakfast eat half portions, cereal bowl size 8am brekkie, 10.30 snack fruit or protein, 1pm dimmer energy like basmati rice, pasta or juice, 3.30pm snack like chicken fillet or fruit, 6pm tea time half portion veg and protein. 8.30 snack before bed should be porridge or something light

    7. try always eating foods that are complex carbs in the morning and evening to balance body sugar levels

    8. Every morning regardless of life style brisk walk so your are panting for breath 30 mins. And eventually try short jogs the. Walk

    9. 2 to 3 times a week get the Divina video out or join local class at leisure centre

    10. Don't let anyone interfere or distract you from doing this and don't forget to nip Holland and Barrett and get cod liver oil with malt, vitamin d supplement, magnesium supplement and a good multi vit. Good luck and please let us know how you get on? Take weight now and measure upper thighs, both upper arms, hips and waist. Do this every 30 days....

  • Hi, I'm new here too, I joined tonight, I said this to someone else, can you climb the stairs, I'm going to start tomorrow, you only need two stairs, and just step up and down, and then change which leg goes up first, and on the first day maybe try and push yourself to do 5 minutes, and do that for a few days, then try and do the stairs and then have a good stretch, and a little dancing or a mini workout, like the old fashion jumping jacks, or a bit of gentle jogging, reach this or touch your toes, or something like that, make sure that you have music on aswell, music for me is the thing that can keep me going, and then after doing the 5 minutes and the little stretch and mini workout for another 3 days, start doing 10 minutes on the stairs, when I tried to loose weight before, I used to walk 6 miles every evening and I lost nothing, but when I did the stairs, it started to shape me up, and I was eating cereal bars, and dinner was things like boiled foods, fruit and veg, I can't remember why I stopped doing that, but as of tomorrow,... Stairs here I come.. To creek your wood lol

    Good luck

    Zoe xx

  • Thank you Zoe, a great idea, I live in a high rise block - top floor, your idea has struck me with a brain wave - get out the lift two floors early from now on! Every little helps

  • That's a brilliant idea, and then once you can do that comfortably, add another, and you could take the lift down from a lower floor too, or even go up and down on the flight closest to your flat

    Zoe xx

  • Hi N

    I to started yesterday.iam 20 stone.all i can do to help is keep talking as a group we can help each other.So good luck.


  • Thanks Paul, yep - the only way is forward now :-)

  • Hi, I was in your position last september. I was probably around 20 stone (although unconfirmed as I was too scared to weigh myself). We had just booked our first family holiday abroad and I wanted to lose some weight before it was time to go in July. I started waliking and tried not to worry too much about what I was eating. It was really tough to start with. I kept having to stop to catch my breath but with the help of my mum who walked with me over the dark winter months I started to get fitter and had dropped a couple of dress sizes by Christmas that year. I had started watching what I was eating and used the hairy biker diet books as the recipes are great for the whole family. In February I joined a gym weighing around 15 stone and by the time I went on holiday I weighed about 13 stone and was a size 16. Have just weighed in at 12 stone and have bought a pair of size 14 trousers. I look 10 years younger, feel fantastic and am still going, hoping to reach 10.5 stones by July.

    Please keep going and believe in yourself. If you have a bad day, forget it and get back on track the next day. Dont feel you are depriving yourself either. At Christmas I would normally have had loads to drink and eat. This year I told myself I was only missing out for a year and there are plenty more Christmas' ahead for indulgence.

    The very best if luck xxx

  • Thanks so much jenbod, that's really encouraging. I've never lost more than 3lbs before (never had problems putting it on though!) so to hear about your dramatic weight loss is really inspiring, especially knowing you were around the same weight as me to begin with. I hope this time next year I can say the same thing! Well done to you! :-D

  • I've been using Michael Mosley's 5:2 diet and I've managed to lose 10lbs in around six weeks. Here's the website for your info. Good luck.

  • Hi I totally understand where you are coming from. I have lost nearly 4 stones now since having my youngest son 5 years ago and feel amazing, am now a size 10 and have tons of energy!!!! I followed the project 10 challenge which, as well as helping me to lose weigh by providing meal plans and a massive support team, I also got to donate 30 healthy meals to a needy kid for every 10lbs I lost!! Losing weight AND donating to charity don't by it? Yes please!!

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