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Glycaemic Index Diet

Hello everyone!

I hope 2015 is treating you well...I was just wondering if any of you tried the low glycaemic index diet. I've bought this book, but none of this receipt seem like "diet food"...as they all have sugar and fat, at least this is what I think...anyway...

I just finished my second day sugar free and I feel good with myself, but I have to admit I do miss my secret love: sweets.

So help me God, I will not cheat and/or give up!

Good luck to you all, my best wishes for you,


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Fruit is good with natural sugars, when I dieted before, it did help with the cravings

Zoe xx


I love fruits, but I try not to exaggerate as they do have sugar as well :) sometimes I wish nobody ever came up with cake receipts and chocolate and all other sweets out there as it's not fair not to be able to enjoy them without facing the consequences...


Maybe try and find a fruit, that can deal with your cravings, but not be too sugary, google it, I'm sure you will find something

Zoe xx


I love all kinds of fruits and I think is too much to give up on them, just eat less, but still eat my favourite fruits :D


Great, well done. Are you taking any supplements? What is your day plan for exercise?


Have you heard of T-25? It's a program from the states made up by Shaun T. It's really good and it's only 2 5mins a day, but is really intense. I haven't been exercising in a while and at the moment I have flue so not in the condition and mood for this one, I walk a lot and try to learn how to skate inside of my flat :)) I am planning to start T-25 as well. I am taking primrose oil which I understood that helps with hormonal disorders, bitter melon for my problems with the glycaemia and ginkgo biloa for my blood circulation problems and to help me to prepare for my exams. Everything is 100% made of plants. I also drink dandelion and oolong tea, alternating during the day. I can't say oolong helps to loose weight, as I've been drinking it fro more than 2 weeks and I don't feel anything different and I can't see a difference on my scale either, but dandelion it's a good diuretics. When I drink it daily help reducing the swelling in my legs.

I guess the secret is eat less exercise more and give up fast foods, fizzy drinks and refined sugar forever. I have discovered this lady she's is a doctor that makes receipts for all sorts of foods, including desserts for people that have special needs like no sugar, no gluten, vegetarains, vegans, raw-vegans, etc, and they sound great. I want to try her receipts when I hAve cravings for sweets in the future. But not this month, I want January to be sugar free for me ;)

Thank you all for your messages. Good luck! C

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I don't follow a low GI diet as such, but I think it makes sense to focus your intake on food that are not high on the GI. Raising glucose is not healthy after all.

It is still essential to keep your calories low too.

Excellent that you have made it for 2 days without sweets. It proves you can!


I just bought this book, but haven't cooked any receipt from it yet. 3 days sugar free and keep on counting. Obviously I am trying to keep a record of the calories I ingest as well and keep it low, not more than 500kcal at a meal. I want to go on the scale only on 1st of February and just once a month, otherwise I get disappointed and tempted to give up. It's hard to stay away from the scale :P

I have started to keep a food diary as well, until now I think it looks quite good, even though I have just started 3 days ago... and I think if I can everybody can!


Eating low GI food is a good way to eat all the time, of you can. Giving up foods with added sugar is a great way of improving your health.

I'm all for trying alternative diets etc, but you seem to be taking a lot of supplements, have you talked to a doctor about any of your health problems? If you are type 2 diabetic perhaps have a look at Low Carb diets.



I don't take lots of supplements, I only take 3 a day; I wasn't diagnosed with diabetes, but have problems with my glycaemia, so that's the next step...I was in treatment, to keep my glycaemia under control, but taking into account I don't have diabetes yet, doctor could give me only for 2 months, just to test how my body reacts. I had a good reaction, but even so they say I can't have it anymore...anyway, I've started to take this a week ago, all of them are plant supplements, coming from reliable companies. Primrose oil I've been taking for more than a month and I can see an improvement, it's much more than I expected and I couldn't be happier that this happened to me, so I don't see why I should stop taking them... I am quite skeptical myself with supplements and pills generally speaking, but in this case, I don't think it makes any harm, all the contrary.


Good to hear they are working for you.


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