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Week 2

Weight change: -0.8kg (-1.76lbs)

Waist change: -2cm

Up'd the calories a bit and it looks like I am still on track!

Concerns? A few:

Can I keep up this pace? Still doesn't seem too harsh yet. Looks like something I could really get into.

How can I deal with weekends and social eating? Hmm, maybe some polite no's may be in order here.

Fatigue: Not as bad as last week but still present.

Any surprises? Yes!

My thighs! They are growing bigger whereas the other parts of me seem to be shrinking albeit very slowly. Ah!

The good stuff:

Yay! I have a routine which includes group classes at the gym every working day and I still get to see my baby in the morning

Roll on, week 3!

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Hi Didi- well done for sticking at it, especially the gym. I dealt with the social element by not making it an issue- over time I manage to indulge occasionally without going overboard. Most people don't even know we're dieting. A good tip if you are eating out is to check out the web-site and look at the menu first. Then you can take time to choose a healthy option before you get there an choose something on impulse.

Your thighs may be getting bigger because of the exercise, so you may want to change your routine a little?

I'm glad the plan is working for you, and hope it continues- stay positive and good luck.


Thank you!


Store up some shaved cals, on Normal days to use up, if you can!?


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