Struggling to lose weight!!

I'm a new member with a BMI of 33 & need to seriously lose weight. I've an under active thyroid problem & that's why I've put on a lot of weight in the last few years. I take medication for this & my recent blood results turned out to be OK. I have lost weight in the past but put it back on very quickly.

I'm not a very active person (I feel tired & lethargic most of the time because of my thyroid problem) I hate the gym but I'm keen to give other forms of exercise a go such as brisk walking, Zumba etc. Has anyone had any success with losing weight with other forms of exercise without the need to go to a gym?

I'm thinking of also going on the meal replacement diet, has anyone got any experience of losing weight & keeping it off using this diet? I really don't know much about the meal replacement diet & would really appreciate any info on this & what it involves.

Any advice regarding sustainable weight loss would be highly appreciated!! Wishing you all best of luck & much success in losing weight & keeping it off!


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  • Hi Farah, I'm not comfortable with the gym either. I use a resistance band and spent some time researching exercises on you tube. It's not too strenuous and shouldn't make you any more lethargic, in fact, it might just lift you a little! There is also a guy here called Jsports who is a sports specialist and he has helped and advised me and without him I wouldn't have challenged myself and achieved goals that I never dreamed I could reach. He often replies to posts so just pop a reply into one of his posts and he'll be there for you. By the way, I have lost over three stone in 14 weeks so don't feel disheartened but do be determined to succeed. Good luck.

  • Well done candystripe!! Thank you so much for the tips, I purchased wii fit plus yesterday so I can do some exercises at home. I will most certainly be in touch with Jsports. Keep up the hard work!!

  • I don't go with the meal replacement idea. I like to eat good food! I'm winning with the following basic things (21lbs gone so far, no exercise as I am disabled.) Porridge made with water, home-made veggie soups spiced up with chilli flakes, main meal fish or chicken with salad or veg. Weighing everything and writing calorie values on a chart. Totalling calories below BMR (currently over 25000.) Can give you more detail if you wish.

  • Well done gilly57!! Sounds great would love to know more about your diet plan. Keep up the good work!!

  • Hi Farah,

    I am health coach and help people to reduce weight through exercise and meal replacement. It comes in a complete package of Coach, Online Trainer with meal replacements and supplements to keep your nutritional levels right. If you are interested then please send me your contact details on and i will be in touch shortly.

  • I am also a new starter to this, under active thyroid, too, but I do quite abit of walking, and want to lose 1-2 stone, i am now half way through first week, counting cals etc., keeping a daily diary of what i eat.

  • Farah, just make sure that you don't part with any money for advice, nutrition or anything. All the information you need is here and it is free.

  • Thyroid problems are often linked to problems with gluten sensitivity or coeliac disease. Perhaps have a look into this, if you haven't already. Altering your diet can help some people to feel better.

    Good luck.

  • Wow well done Candystripe what an inspiration!!, i'm gonna follow your way of thinking and make myself small goals, i'm 13 and half stones so gonna set my first goal of getting into the 12's (again!!), my BMI puts me in the obese category which is scary and embarassing!! . I've lost weight so many times but only gone and put it all back on plus some more.

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