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Missed 2 weeks of plan

Hi, i haven't posted for a while as have been in hospital and it has caused me to miss 2 weeks of the plan.. I am upset that i had put on 1kg in hospital as i worked so hard to lose it. Since i came out, i have lost the weight in 1 week, but through illness NOT the weightloss plan. I have got out of the routine of sticking to the plan, and find it hard with a parent who constantly wants to feed you up because you are ill. This is making things so hard; and had caused so much friction and upset that i dare not to mention it again; but if i don't eat all food given (despite being an adult!) then i get treated like garbage. Even though i buy a lot of my own food, the parent goes out of the way to make me eat what she wants, and the expense of my very healthy food is wasted because of her. I dare not to bring it up again as it has caused so many arguments and fall outs and i cant cope with the stress impact on my poor health conditions. Any ideas on what to do about the parent?

Despite the weight gain in hospital, since i started the programme and completed 3 weeks i have lost 2 inches from my waist and 3kg in weight.

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Hi im new here but a book I recommended in my post is exactly about dealing with relationships that are not helpful concerning food. Its by dr jane mccartney and called stop overeating 28 day plan to stop emotional eating. I got mine in amazon but may be able to get from library.

I know what its like being out of routine been out of one for alnost 2 years now. Sure things will get easier to stick at in time but at same time make sure you rest and let body recover. What I do know from my own time working in healthcare isnthat healthy foods will promote your recovery :). Maybe sell that to the parent?

Take care


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This sounds like a very stressful situation, and I know it is difficult to make choices for yourself when there is pressure from others.

I know my partner was making things difficult for me, giving me big portions and encouraging me to eat unhealthy food and drink too much.

Now I seem to have solved this problem is going on the 12 week plan and telling him of my decision. Funny thing was, within days he had joined me, and now he's doing it too!

If you feel able I say go back on the plan and keep going- leave your chart around for the parent to see and just persist. I am sorry you have been so ill and hope that things improve for you.

Another option would be to speak to your GP and get some support, even counselling. I wish you well, take care.

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Thank you, i think i will remind her that i have restarted the plan again, but will make sure i keep hydrated and topped up with glucose for next few days (due to an adrenal insufficiency crisis i suffered today).


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