So I started my diet last week. Its been tough but I'm going strong. The only problem I'm facing is counting calories. I mean iv been eating healthy watching the size of my food and making sure I'm getting all the nutritions I need, but trying to keep track of how many calrories everyhing is at the end is hard, how do I no what 1 slice of cucumber contains? Get my drift?


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  • I've lost 6 stone since last May 2013. I don't count vegetables as a calorie to be honest, and have a limited of two or three fruits a day. The thing where calories need counting is when your eating your main meals. Average each meal with the amount of calories you want to have that day, and have a banana or apple or nuts as healthy snacks in the middle :) and exercise I can't stress enough is such a key factor to be being healthy, and loose weight naturally

  • I use a book called 'pocket calorie counter' by Carolyn Humphries, which I got from Amazon. It gives the calories of most foods - some of which I have never heard of - in terms of portion size. So for your cucumber, a 5 slice portion is 4 calories. Where it gives calories 'per serving' eg pasta or rice, I go by the serving size on the pack.

    Good luck

  • Thank you guys :) will def keep all of this in mind. I also work out 20min everyday diffrent work outs. So I hope this all pays of. Its a struggle but a good struggle :)

  • Go into "my fitness pal" it does it all for you and tells you what proteins, sugars, carbs etc foods contain and adds it all up for you! So easy. Good luck.

  • I also recommend "My Fitness Pal" app, brilliant! Will tell you calories then keep track of how many you've had all day. Also recommend how many calories you should have based on your individual stats.

  • Yes, MyFitnessPal is brilliant!

    (Don't eat any exercise calories you burn though - the weight will come off quicker.)

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