How do you cope with eating in the heat?

When it's hot I can't eat, I drink plenty but I can't force myself to eat, if I do I feel ill. I don't do well in the heat at all. What tends to happen during the summer is that during the day i'll snack on things from the fridge which used to be sweets and yogurts (chocolate ones not healthy options) then i'd be so hungry in the evening that i'd pig out on Chinese or a massive Sunday dinner type meal. Now i'm having a lifestyle change i'm just wondering if anyone out there has had a similar problem and how they've tackled it?

I don't like salad, any of it, so that's not an option nor do I like the healthier yogurts. I understand that part of healthy eating is eating regularly and I'm continuing to exercise so I recognize that I do need to eat, the question is what to eat? I've had limited success with soup and omelettes, I'm not a fan of sandwiches, what else is there??? Any suggestions gratefully received...



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9 Replies

  • It's not uncommon to not want to eat when it's hot. If you can manage a good breakfast with some protein in it, this should help you get through the day. Have a look on line for healthy snacks to have in the day. I like an apple and a piece of cheese, carrot and hummus or putting some fruit in a plain yoghurt to make it taste sweet.

    The best way to avoid the evening binge is probably to plan ahead. Nothing wrong with a Sunday type meal, just go easy on the potatoes and pud.

    Don't overdo the exercise in the heat. Good luck.

  • Thanks, I try to manage breakfast, doesn't always happen unfortunately. But i'll try an apple, or bit fruit through the day.

  • I know this may sound disgusting, but actually they do taste rather yummy. I've been blending down vegetables and fruits (separately) and putting them into ice lolly moulds and freezing them. They have been an added bonus when the heat is too much for me to feel like eating proper food. I also have a lot of salads, but I know you said you don't like them. Have you tried having some pasta and chicken/fish? They're very light to digest in the heat. Hope this helps,

  • What a good idea! I used to make ice lollies for my children, hadn't thought of making them for myself.

  • Enjoy :D

  • I'm not sure about the veggie one but the fruit one sounds very yummy, must go and buy some ice lolly moulds to try it out. Thanks :)

  • You will be very surprised with how the veggie ones taste......I prefer them to the fruit ones to be honest. :)

  • You can ' bake' potatoes in a slow cooker, prep potato, prick it all over, wrap in foil, and cook for 8 hrs on slow, effectively steam cooking it, tastes baked without the crunchy skin!

    This may be an idea for when it's cooler, personally I love the heat, and cook hot food.

  • Hi Kate. I have just returned from a week at the south coast (Christchurch). I am pleased that I have lost at least a pound and a half. Unlike you I do like salads but have just been trying to reduce the number of things I eat with sugar and fat. I have been watering down fruit juice, having a smaller spoon of sugar in tea and coffee, and just eating regularly and in moderation. I have also done some walking around (about an hour at a time). Good luck. :)

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