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Quite Surprised!!!

Quite Surprised!!!

So I had my birthday this week which also consisted of 3 separate days of celebrating with meals out and I got super lazy and didn't exercise at all all week either. I have to admit I stuffed myself silly and was expecting to have put on at least 5-6lbs. SURPRISED is an understatement, as I stepped on the scales this morning (several times to make sure) and I've only put on 1lb!!!! Although I shouldn't really be celebrating a weight GAIN, I am super happy that it was only 1lb after all :D Now that my birthday is out of the way I have NO EXCUSES anymore for not exercising or losing weight. I can't change my past, I can change today, so onwards and upwards is the way to go to living my healthier future :D :D

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I love your positivity, you are right, you can only change then NOW, not the past :) Happy Belated Birthday!

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Thank you very much Cleggie34 :D


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