Starting to re-train my brain today and eat more healthly and loose weight

I really need to loose weight. I feel terrible with a BMI of 35.4 and weight of 99.7kg. I admit I am greedy often eating when I am not hungry! I have tried a few diets did really well on one of them got down to within 3lb of my goal weight and like a stupid idiot I gave up! I also admit I have a problem with drinking too much alcohol. I have always liked a drink but since my mom died a couple of years ago it has got out of hand. I know alcohol contains alot of sugar so I am also trying to reduce my intake.What is the use of dieting when I am drinking all those calories. I have a wonderful dad and fiance ( they dont know how much i have been drinking recently) i feel i have let them down and let myself go. My fiance is brilliant but to be honest I dont feel sexy anymore. I feel like a fat blob. I did used to go to the gym however it was expensive and as I was not going a waste of time so i have downloaded the couch to 5k podcast and see how it goes. I hate the fact that it is nearly summer and no nice clothes fit me. I hope when i have been eating a bit more healthly I will feel a bit more brighter xx good luck to everyone else


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14 Replies

  • My measurements on day 1

    Right arm 17.5"

    Right thigh 30"

    Hips 46"

    Waist 38.5"

  • Day 1 alcohol free day!

  • day 2 alcohol free instead of two or three usual pints of Kronenburg had a diet pepsi :-))

  • i think you need to adress your alchole addiction before your weight problemxx not judging you my mum was a alchoholic had 2 bring my siblingings up since i was 7 xxmessage if you want but yourve made your first step by going on line xx

  • hiya I have addressed my "alcohol addiction" with a counsellor thank you and I am not " an alcoholic" I am classed as "at risk of increasing my alcohol intake" I do not wake up in the morning a need a drink or get the shakes i have no cravings. My drinking was because it was a habit i was getting into which i have stopped with no side effects. I am sorry but I do not know you but yes I do have a life thank you very much!

  • day felling pretty good done my work out today in the garden!!!!

  • Hi I am just starting with the nhs diet done 5 days and have found 1400 cals and website good I too have tried every diet and was starving most of day but put it all back on I need to loose about 3 stone. Doing podcast but doing it in living room to start with as too chicken to go outside message me if you like

  • You're right about the need to re-educate your brain. I often wonder why more people don't realise that it's in the brain that it all happens. There has to be a reason why you eat when you're not hungry.

    Alcohol not only contains a lot of sugar, especially beer, which is almost pure sugar - what alcohol does is to lower your inhibitions and that is why so many people go for a takeaway, a burger, a pizza or a kebab after a drinking session. They get to the point of thinking 'oh s*d it, I've blown it anyway'.

  • you are right about the alcohol when I have had a few drinks I think stuff it messed up today start again tommorrow then it is the next day and then the next day after that! it's a viscious circle I need to break!

  • Hi, All of your excess weight is within an achievable target . Take one step at a time. Improve something or add something healthy to your diet, then remove something unhealthy. Read all you can about weight, over eating, what goes into food. You will be surprised what you learn. Many foods either target us with loads of sugar or it is the chemicals that are added to them to make us thing they are fabulous when in fact they are poor quality, low nutritional foods. Try to work towards a more wholefoods fruit, veg, nuts seeds and legumes and you won't too far wrong. Read about the huge positive effect of eating the good nutritional foods and the downside of eating rubbish for too long. Google for various illness you may have had. There is a vast array of knowledge out there, the more you learn the easier it will be to say "no" to the things you should avoid. Stay away from fads and quick fixes. If you slim too quickly you will be left with a lot of loose skin. Start swimming or other exercise that you enjoy, walking is great. Start small (it doesn't matter how small, the important thing is that you start) and then built up gradually, then you and your body and brain and enthusiasm all get a slow build up. "Every thousand mile journey starts with one small step. Good luck

  • I did follow a diet at my local gym for 12 weeks which was trying to reduce sugar intake and eat a fresh and organic as possible. I klnow I need to start excercising a little bit more at the moment it is just walking the dog but will try the podcast 5k programme when i have alost a little weight. I know I need to excersise more as recently i find I ache more when I get up mostly my legs and feet. It is my legs where I carry alot of weight ususally the trouble or being able to get in a pair of jeans that fit my waist but have to have jeans two sizes bigger to fit my thighs. how have you done so far?

  • grow up an get a life xx stop making excuuuuuuuuus

  • I have lost 16 lbs in 3 months. Ignore negative comments and remember you are doing this for your health and not to please someone else. In time to come you will be able to move so much better, do not lose heart. Every tiny step forward is a positive move.

  • Thank you xx feel much better this week

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