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BMI 25 or BMI 22

Every time I go on the WiiFit it tells me that my ideal weight is around 10 stone 5 pounds (BMI 22). However on the chart on the WiiFit is shows the healthy BMI range as 24.99 to 18.5. 24.99 BMI is around 11 stone 9 or 10 pounds for me. In general should the aim of losing weight to get healthy be to get to BMI 22, or just to the top of the healthy weight range? Are there appreciable health benefits for being BMI 22 rather than BMI 24?

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Hi Anthony2014,

That really is up to you. Arguably if you have a slighter frame, then being more within the normal band of BMI is probably preferable and if you're quite big-boned, then being nearer the top makes more sense.

Also, if you are very muscular - and I can't tell that from here, but you probably can by looking in the mirror - then perhaps a BMI of 26 or even 27 could be O.K.

My advice is to use BMI as an indicative assessment tool, not as an exact or precise measurement.


Thanks. Do you know, how was BMI 22 chosen as being the average ideal weight?


I believe it was based on early insurance data. However, it has been disclosed that the Centre for Disease Control in the USA has more up-to-date data that health and longevity are statistically greatest at a BMI slightly over 25.

Despite this there have been rumblings recently of lowering the BMI targets, especially for some ethnic minorities.


BMI may not be the best predictor of a healthy weight. The distribution of fat in the body is very important, too much fat around the waist is not good. You can use waist measurement or waist to hip ratio. There are various sites that will use your neck measurement too!



Ive been told if bigger frame body ..go for bmi of 24.99 or just below...if small frame go lower bmi of 23 or 22...whats your bmi just now ?..


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