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Packed lunch ideas

I'm running out of packed lunch (for work) ideas.

So far I've done sandwiches and wraps with various fillings and it's getting a bit boring (I like variety).

My workplace doesn't have much in the way of cooking facilities, just 2 microwaves and an oven but it's not very reliable. The microwaves get pretty busy too as everyone goes to lunch ag pretty much the sane time (I work in a school).

Help! What can I eat?

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what about a chicken salad? with carrots, peppers, cucumber and a variety of salad leafs? x


bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/col... theres some decent ideas on there!

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Ooh thanks will take a look


I sprout alfalfa and mung beans and have those with honey and balsamic vinegar dressing (ie a teaspoon of each, mixed), halved cherry tomatoes and fried reduced fat halloumi, (I wasn't sure the halloumi would be nice cold but it is - you just need to watch you only have a 3rd of a packet per meal) I'm someone who does better on fairly evenly balanced meals in terms of energy intake rather than loading most of it onto the evening meal.


What about cous cous, just add water from the kettle and take some salad to eat with it?


If you've marinated some quorn or tofu for dinner, it's just as yummy cold in a salad / cous cous / quinoa the next day.



I am new here and also looking for ideas for packed lunch to take to work - below is what I had one day last week - I have bought a microwavable soup pot now and will be making homemade soups to take to work as well.

Packed lunch - lettuce, tomato, pepper, onion and a little bit of cheese (my salad). Along with 2 tsp of low fat humous which I will eat with cucumber. A kids packet of raisins for an afternoon snack and a small handful of mixed nuts.


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