Starting Monday

Hi, I'm starting the 12 week plan on Monday. I'm off on holiday in june for 2 weeks amd I'm the biggest I've ever been currently weighting in at 14 st 12 lbs :-(

Previously lost 1.5 st on another diet two yrs ago but put it all back on and then some, mad at myself for that.

So I want to get healthy and fit to feel good and settle down but need to love myself first before anyone else can!

Wish me luck!


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19 Replies

  • I am starting a 12 week plan on Monday also. Fingers crossed we both stick to it and loose the weight we want to

  • Good luck know how you feel. Hopefully if we have a target we can stick to it. I can't tell you how many pounds I have lost to other diets....... Money especially and finished and got bigger than ever. May be if we keep in touch it will help. Take care good luck. I am not far behind you in weight so fear not :-)

  • "Money especially" that made me laugh, I have been spared the cost of diet clubs as I am type 1 diabetic so they are not keen to advise!

  • Good luck. Please don't look on this as a diet though, look on it as changing for life. After the 12 weeks you will have adapted to better eating habits and exercise routines and be feeling so much better.

  • Good luck with you plan and keep posting here to let us know how get on.

  • Dear scough, I can understand that you feel unhappy about your weight. I had lately 92kg on my hips and I am now with 88kg this morning. I have the pleasure in reducing my weight only slowly, due to circumstances .... But nevertheless I haven't given up so far and I am still trying to do it. I wish you all the luck and confidence you need for your task. It is a challenge.... But please think of yourself being a cuddly person even with weight on your hips! There are quite a lot of people of having relationships even with bigger measures. ... In the fashion in France they sometimes underline the little irritations in their bodies and have them as the outstanding features of their personality. eg. a nice red lipstick, even the teeth aren't perfect sitting in the mouth. Think yourself of something which might enhance your features now as you are. If you are in a happier mood the pounds are slipping easier....

  • I love your positivity what a lovely post x

  • good luck. I've gained 2 stones since my second ovary was removed a year ago. Just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last week! to top overthing. So, I'm going to join you and go on a diet. I'm 11.5 stone at present.

    I keep an 'eye' on this thread to see how you are all getting on.

    Good luck

  • Hi Ip04

    Sorry to hear about the fibromyalgia. Have you tried or been recommended to try a gluten free diet? It can help sometimes.

  • Thats the main thing,-loving yourself and allowing yourself yhe time and space that you need , I have always put everyone and everything before me-partly laziness and partly fear but did it once before and lost 5 stone but then find myself 6 stone heavier then my lightest 10 years later so I am nearly finished week 1 and am reminding myself every day that I matter, what I want counts and laziness is not an acceptable reason for not doing it. Good luck

  • Wishing you luck - I am also starting tomorrow, but with a starting weight of 18 st 7 lbs I have a lot further to go than you !

  • Good luck I am starting at 14 st 11. After watching my daughter lose 11 stone thought I had better pull my finger out so to speak and do something about my weight as well.

  • Hi there, Last year I weighed 15st 5lbs and went on a diet where I lost 2 stone, after stopping the diet for ages, I put on a stone again. I am now at 14st 2lbs and mad at myself too. It can really creep up on you. I am hoping to get down into my healthy weight range on the bmi. We've done it before, we can do it again! Keep going!

  • Good luck :-) sure you can do it! Think of the beach. I'm trying to loose weight too it's a slow process!

  • Hi, I'm starting Monday too! 13 stone, done so many diets in the past, lost weight and put it on again! So depressed about it. I'm a single mum and find food a comfort I suppose!

    Good luck!

  • Good luck also a newbie starting tomorrow!

  • Hi. I can't get my act together to start. I'm the same weight as you and need to lose a fair bit. Good luckQ

  • hi all ive started again after losing my zest for life sat at home all day rarely getting out due to spondylothesis and spondylitis and carpel tunnel in both wrists after using crutches.Now this time stopped smoking and with the help of my doctor and oralstat i am really trying but after 2 weeks still no drop in weight am not lazy and cant sit about due to my back but cant do much exercise either any help given would be greatly recieved Thanks dotty x

  • Hello All, I am also starting today on my 12 week change of life, I have also booked myself in at the local gym to assist me with this new way of life, I will still do a couple of days a week on the 5:2 plan. Wishing you all well and fingers cross we all have a 12 week celebration together.

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