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Why are some of the same fruits heavier than others?

I am aware that 80g is a portion of fruit which qualifies as one of 'your' five a day. I measured the fruit I was eating for breakfast and they weighed 80g ( the pointer on the scale was slightly past 75g). On the fruit and veg portions guide on the NHS Choices website it says that 7 strawberries equates to a portion of fruit (80g) however when I weighed the strawberries there was only 4 which weighed 80g. Why is this?

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Perhaps your strawberries are larger than average? Also digital scales are more accurate; not that a couple of strawberries more would make a massive difference but I understand the need to get things 'just right' - I wouldn't be without my digital scales.


Like people, fruit and veg comes in different shapes and sizes, despite the control the supermarkets try to put on the producers. I suspect the information you have is only a guide to make sure you are for example not counting 1 strawberry as 1 of your 5 a day.It will probably even out with some fruits being smaller from different sources.


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