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Can anyone recommend a accurate weighing scale. Sick of mine giving different readings every time you step on it

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Mine are the same so I use the ones at the gym and I know someone else on the forum goes to Boots.

I have weightwatchers ones I bought them in 2010, very happy with them weight does fluctuate daily but it gives the same reading on each occasion

We have weight watchers ones also, they are very good, the model we got (also in 2010) is the more expensive one as it weighed heavier than the others but you can get more economical WW ones on Amazon, I would recommend getting a set with a digital readout, much easier to glean the information from.

These are ours

Interesting fact, when we first got them they would not weigh me as I was still too heavy for them!

Weight watchers are good never weigh on carpet if you need a square of ply board or chipboard better to weigh once a week jumping off and on. This makes you vary in weight every time and causes anxiety. Try to sleight the same day and time every week don't be tempted to weight morning noon and night good luck.



Actually, any working bathroom scales are just fine. Human weight isn't a wonderfully accurate thing. As you put stuff in (eat and drink) and put stuff out (go to the loo) your body weight goes up and down during the day.

Your best bet is to always weigh yourself first thing in the morning - as you'll have been asleep for a few hours previously and therefore won't have just eaten. And do that consistently, in your pyjamas and bare-footed, or whatever. That usually gives the most consistent reading for comparing with other days (or weeks or whatever).

If you weigh yourself several times during the day, you will find your weight goes up and down, possibly even by as much as three or four pounds.

Also, many factors can have an effect upon your body's fat storage and fat burning functions, so take any individual weight reading with a big pinch of salt. The important thing is the trend, averaged out a few days or weeks (if you weigh weekly).

Having magnificently accurate scales for the purposes of weighing people doesn't really help.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.