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Week 3

This week was a hard one. I hosted a dinner party and even though it was healthy, I started to spiral and ended up binging. It makes me sad that I actually at the moment can't do what everyone else seems to find so easy and enjoyable - stop when I'm full. After that I struggled with the 'Alls lost feeling' and the temptation from the mountains of cakes and chocolates at work.

But actually at the dreaded weigh in I had still lost a bit of weight. Which I hope to take away, its never all lost. This is a change for life and however bad it seems if I learn from it and hopefully next time deal with it better, then that's a massive step forward.

WEIGHT 71.5kg (-0.5)

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Hi kaluw1,

It's about changing your eating habits, and the new habits are going to take a bit of time to become your new 'norm'. (some say about three months or so)

O.K. your evening - from a weight loss point of view - wasn't exactly the greatest of successes, but the real point is, what have you learnt from that for the future, and the rest of your weight loss journey?

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


Hi kaluw1. I have had a weight issue for my whole life (I'm 66) and the relentless advice was 'It's easy to loose weight - you just stop once you are full'. That is a bit of a problem if you never feel full! If this is happening to you then you have my sympathy. I started C25K in May and I now know what it feels like to be full - to the point where I simply cannot take another mouthful .I think the running has made a huge difference to how much I need to eat because my body is now able to use the insulin efficiently and I feel satiated.

I have also very recently started the 5:2 diet plan and find that it helps me to make much better decisions - mainly on portion size. (That and my son and daughter in law managing to loose multiple kilos each on it!)

I hope you do not beat yourself up any more about your dinner party.

Be kind to yourself and when things slip just tell yourself you'll do better next time.


Is running a possibility for you? Keep on trying and never give up, you'll soon start to feel the rewards of the weight loss.



When I started this particular weight loss attempt, I decided to be extremely careful Monday to Friday and allow myself a little leeway at the week end. At first I did go overboard at weekends, but after a while, because I wasn't depriving myself of anything, the things that are bad for me became less important.

That doesn't mean I never ever slip, but it does mean that I don't feel guilty when I do and so I get back into the swing of things more easily.

You're attitude to weight loss has already improved, just don't beat yourself up eating the fattening stuff occasionally. It's how we recover from our slips that helps us to continue.

I am 5 stone lighter than I was 2 1/2 years ago. One of those stones has come off in the 8 weeks I've been with this group.

Remember, on this site you're never far away from someone in the same boat as you. Good luck with your weight loss.


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