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wlc#5 Not as good as I hoped but overall happy

Hi all

Pleased to report a 1lb loss this week but had hoped for more as nothing was lost last week.

I did manage to increase my walking a lot and the only day I went way over my 1400 allowance last Monday, total of 1908 calories, which isn't disastrous. I did enjoy making cupcakes this week, but have calorie counted the ingredients so know I have to plan carefully if I want one, or even just a half to satisfy me.

Starting weight week 1 (2nd time around) 14st 11lbs

Week 5 weigh in 14st 5 lbs

Total loss so far this 'session' 6 lbs, 3" on the waist.

Aim to be 13 st 7 lbs by Christmas, so I am on track.

This is my second time around on the 12 week plan - my original starting weight was 15 st 10lbs so overall it is a 1 st 5 lbs loss and of course, I feel so much better for it.

Good luck to all you fellow healthy eaters out there this week.


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Wow! Well done - you are doing fab. Just keep at it and you will reap the rewards :-)


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