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Week 3

Week 2 came and went and although I kept to my calorie intake I did not have much time for exercise I do how ever work manualy three days a week and last week was no exeption so I put a little more effort into the work. The start of week three was not so good I find my self craving food and yesterday went over my calorie intake with a bowl of cornflakes and a fruit salad or was it what I put on my dinner plate? I have notice my portion size increasing so I think I must re focus I am going to put thing behind me and start week three from today. If your intrested my weight loss so far 12 pounds. I am hoping this will settle to 2 or three pounds per week as I am looking for a long term goal.

I am fed up with diet clubs and funny milk shakes as I believe that they are only short term and this diet has to be changes for life, On a bright note

My two dogs are enjoying the extra walks. this morning we were up early and walked a good two miles I did walk briskly for a good part but decided to just enjoy the walk it gives me so much pleasure seeing the dogs bounce through the long grass and swimming in the pond. I hope it keeps them fit and healthy to.

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Your doing well keep up the good work, I lost 2 stones this year since April by following three things:

1 write everything I eat and drink down

2 walk, walk, walk, walk, walk and some more walking

3 eating salad and beetroot with my main meal to fill me up I love it now and its part of dinner for all the family.

save a little calories for a treat in the evening or at the weekend I d rather have a wee milky way than a slice of toast :)

Good luck keep going


Looks like your on the right track spud, wish I had you self discipline with the walking, maybe I should borrow a dog.


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