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Stages of change - where are you?

Stages of change - where are you?

Are you really ready to change? It is sometimes a good idea to ask yourself that question.

I think it needs to be something you are doing for yourself - it might be something you are supported in doing or something you have to do despite others not supporting you.

Luckily support can be found online - something which might not have been possible in the past.

This is a great example - much more out there is you google "stages of change".

The image I have included is from here pponline.co.uk/encyc/sports...

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Hi fitterinfo,

Actually,personally, I'm a great believer in the "moment of realisation" thing.

That point at which - for whatever reason - the penny drops / the clouds clear and you suddenly clearly realise that you need to change something.

Whether that's about losing weight, giving up smoking, coming to terms with an alcohol problem, ending a relationship, changing job, moving house, changing a behaviour or whatever.


the cold hard reality of life is that for all the changes you achieve there will always be more to make, unless that is your perfect? you will also find that problems still happen despite your changes physical or mental, all the time you are striving at improving yourself, you by definition cannot be happy at that moment, improvement is important but at what point do you stop worrying about it and just let things change naturally with a willingness to except your imperfections and just try your best.


Yes you are so spot on Magerson I always want to try and improve myself whether it's at work or socially and now to lose weight I have lost in past but staying their is so hard but you are right to try do your best and expect who you are and others who know you or love you expect you for whoever you are too.


Thanks Doikosp,

Interesting because to me that is just moving into action from contemplation or pre-contemplation to action. I think it is perfectly possible to go straight from "no idea" to action so the "moment of realisation" concept is not an issue in this model!

Hope your maintenance is going well

All the best

They even have a theoretical name below ?? for getting back on the bus or wagon if you fall off or gently slide off without noticing.

So even the scientists recognise that sometimes a "restart" is required if things have gradually slipped off course and need to be addressed.

Thought I would post this as "the model" it is often referred to in medical, nursing and therapist circles and can be confusing if you have never seen the model before.

There is a nice cartoon here though it applies specifically to smoking. simonkneebone.files.wordpre...

Pre-contemplation is the stage in which an individual has no intent to change behaviour in the near future (at least not in the next six months).

Stages of Change en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans...

? Precontemplation (Not Ready)-"People are not intending to take action in the foreseeable future, and can be unaware that their behaviour is problematic"

?Contemplation (Getting Ready)-"People are beginning to recognize that their behaviour is problematic, and start to look at the pros and cons of their continued actions"

?Preparation (Ready)-"People are intending to take action in the immediate future, and may begin taking small steps toward behaviour change"[nb 1]

?Action – "People have made specific overt modifications in modifying their problem behaviour or in acquiring new healthy behaviours"

?Maintenance – "People have been able to sustain action for a while and are working to prevent relapse"

?? "relapse" (recycling) which is not a stage in itself but rather the "return from Action or Maintenance to an earlier stage."


hello, I recognise that I am in these stages at the present moment I want to stick to certain calories and do some exercise but I am struggling to get in the mind set of it, I used to go to a well know diet weekly weigh in but I can't afford the cost of it but I need that regular weekly check in but I am struggling to do it alone, I slip up because I am tired or had busy week or going out for a meal, yet I know I need to lose 4 stone, help!!!!


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