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Week 2 Completed!

Hi Everyone,

So I have just completed week two on my weight loss journey. It was a tough week coming down with the cold and all and not wanting to participate in my usual Insanity workout. I did however loose 2lbs, making my wieght loss to date 8lbs. I am feeling a lot better this week and will be venturing forth with my healthy eating programme and exercise regime. I was even thinking whether I should hit the park over the road early each morning and do a couple of laps (walking not running). Nah, definitely not one for me. I will stick with the Insanitiy for the time being.....lol! Oh, and good news everyone my trousers have started to fall down. I can now take them off comfortably without undoing them. I think I may have to go shoping for a new pair really soon. Soldier on folks and I will be back with an updated next week. Good luck and bye!

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well done on weight loss that is fantastic 8lbs in two weeks.


Thank you daffodil 101,

This is the first time that I am finding it so easy to stick to a programme. I think that sometimes you just have to be ready to make changes in your life without everyone pointing out the obvious.

Good luck on your journey too.


Thank you Daffodil 101!


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