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Can anyone recommend a UK targeted calorie counting app for the kindle fire? Downloaded one a short while ago, entering current weight, age, height and target weight and was shocked that it said I should aim for 1200cals a day! And everything was US measures. Want to stick to nhs recommendations of 1400 but want to be specific on portions of fruit ie, grapes as eat less than what pack works out. And coffee at home etc! Ta in advance.

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Lots of us use my fitness pal -is this what you are using??. It clocks me at 1200 but I just add 200. It does have lots of British products and I have adapted the weights of things. It also builds up a list of things you eat regularly. I personally have found it excellent and have been tracking for some nine months now -have yo yoed up and down in that time -but finally seem to have a grip on things.

Best of luck


Thank you. Yes, that's the one. I suppose I could adapt, but I just wanted something quick and easy! Frustrating that they're American based...


I have used fitness pal for a few years and find it very good - it has most of the UK stuff on it I want.

You can alter your calorie goal to 1400 which is what I have done. Go to the my home tab, and the tab immediately on the right is goals - this allows you to customise your own goals.

Hope that helps.


thanks - that is great - will now alter!!


Fitness pal - as well. It is simple to use and you can add any UK specific item in the database. Good luck.



Please try this one, may help :)


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