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motivation lacking on where to begin

ok so im 24 obese and in need of an over haul I have tried many diets of the years with very little in the way of good results, I know what I should eat e.t.c as I think most people do, I struggle for decent breakfast ideas as I do not like milk at all! ( I am fussy) I drink a lot of coffee and coke, I try to drink water with little success and I know water is a key factor in weight loss! my biggest issue is if I don't lose weight I become very despondent and go straight back to scoffing chocolate and rubbish and then feel worse and do more scoffing, I also go through phases of really hating how I look and then not giving two hoots, I think I may just be a little nutty lol, I know exercise is important too! any ideas, thoughts e.t.c gratefully received

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Hey duck,

I don't like milk either, and so I never used to eat breakfast at all.

I have settled for a piece of toast and thin 'scrape' (as my bf) call it of jam, which fills me up until almost dinner.

You could try porridge made with water and sweetened with fruit/honey/jam.

BUT, I have found that if the milk is very cold I can't taste it (weird I know), so if I'm in the mood I will have a small bowl of cereal with the least amount of milk necessary to wet said cereal. You could try that if your struggling?


Hey Duck

Breakfast can be anything you want it to be, the thing is with changing your diet you have to plan every meal....make a fruit sald, have a yogurt and some fruit, brown toast with a bit of jam is a good one to. What I did when I lost weight was to think of it as healthy eating NOT a diet ( we associate diet with being hunrgy NOT GOOD). I like biscuits, crisps and my biggest downfall ice cream so I swapped them for the following: go ahead biscuits, snack a jacks and frozen yogurt, I always have fruit or some low fat biscuits with me so if I get the urge to scoff or get hungry I munch on that. For the first 8 weeks I didn't worrk about exercise I just concentrated on getting my eating habits sorted once I was happy that was fairly under control, I took on the new challenge of exercise : ) in 9 months I lost 4 stone.....it was the hardest thing I have done and I it made me sad that I waited until I was in my 30's to make those changes I should have done it years ago instead of being miserable inside all the time !!

So the harsh reality is if your not happy with yourseld only you can make the changes but you have to really want to, other wise you will never escape the viscious cycle your in.

PS swap the coke for diet coke (you get used to it and try adding a little squash to water to make it more bearable)



Oh and ducky please don't think your alone .....I forgot to mention I have put 2 stone back on in the last year so my battle starts again from today !!!



Hi all, Big and small!!!

I don't like to sound too harsh on everyone including myself but sometimes we all overlook the simplest things in life. 3 years ago I was 18 1/2 stone and tried every diet going. Then I bumped into a friend who worked in a gym he told me there is only one way that is guaranteed to work and that is to eat less calories than you burn. I gave it a go and the result was that I lost 6 stone in 2 years :) also eating healthily and exercising. I am proof that this works.

And to the people that don't like milk try porridge made with water and add some whey protein (flavour of your choice) very tasty and keeps you going for at least 4 hours.

Good luck all


Hi Angel

I begged my gp for gastric sleeve op 3yrs ago as have no feeling to right side of my body so find just moving around is difficult, so exercise is not easy for me.

I had to see a dietician and start an eating plan before having the opportunity, and it did train me and started my weight loss.

These are the steps I was given

Draw a circle the size of a tea plate, draw a line splitting it in 2 equal parts, then a line deciding 1 in 2 equal parts again.

Your veg should cover the big half of the plate and the other to are 1 for meat and the other for Carbs.

Don't have anything to drink for 40mins before or after a meal and take smaller amounts of food at a time and chew each mouthful at least 30 times, make the meal last 30mins, Anything left after the 30mins throw away.

I make my own seeded oat cookies to have for breakfast and as a snack which are very filling.

Check out the blood group diet, it tells you which foods are bad for you, which are medicine, help you loose weight, and what foods to eat as a staple part of diet.

I found out blood group people are wheat and dairy intolerant, changed the festival things it suggested and made big difference!

Hope it helps, take care and angel blessings to you


Hi duck29,

You cannot lose weight if you keep doing the same things that made you overweight in the first place. It's about changing things.

Breakfast - of some sort - is a really good idea. No, it doesn't have to have milk, if you don't 'do' milk, there are lots of possible breakfasts out there! Or if you have say a dairy allergy, perhaps use soya milk or another alternative.

If you hang your eating onto a framework / routine of say meal-snack-meal-snack-meal-snack then you'll find it easier both to get into new habits and also to avoid eating outside of that routine.

Snacking is important as it stops your blood sugar going too low. But a snack might just be a Ryvita or two, or a bit of fruit. Try not to go for longer than about 4 hours without eating anything.

Have a good read around the NHS Choices web-pages, In the live well lose weight pages you find a free and very good 12 week plan. You can adapt that to some degree to fit in with your lifestyle.


My sense is that you know yourself that it's time to take charge of the weight and eating thing and to put yourself in control of what you eat, how much your eat and when you eat

There's also lots of good advice on these blog pages which are, in the main, written by people on weight loss journeys themselves.

You can do it. Just take your time and change the eating and activity/exercise thing - this time for rest of your life.

In under six months, I've lost about 25 kgs (nearly 4 stone) and I feel sooooo much better for it.

Imagine that you're in a slimmer lighter body at 'normal' weight and that all that 'over' weight is in a backpack that you have to carry around all day.

Now imagine how it would feel to take that backpack off.

That will give you some idea just how worthwhile the effort to do it is.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


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