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How is everyone doing ??

I need inspirational comments saying this works as logically I know it must. I was doing a high protein diet but I got so bored of limited foods I gave up. Im doing this as I am looking at donating a kidney for a friend and high protein isn't good for the kidneys. If I am a match I want some weight off before I go under the knife so recovery will be quicker.

So as I said How is every one doing ??

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I'm just coming to the end of the first week and due to weigh tomorrow but its looking like 7lbs already, it has been really easy to stick to I also used the hairy dieters book for inspiration . Hubby has even made some meals from it that we're delicious. Good luck with everything.


The problem with a high protein diet is that lean protein depletes your liver of vitamin A, so when you eat protein eat it with the fat nature provided.

There's no evidence that protein harms the kidneys.

A controlled amount of low GI carbohydrate, predominantly consisting of veg, is sensible.


I have decided to have porridge with fruit for breakfast,

fruit at break

Salad with chicken or ham or egg and yoghurt

possibly fruit after work

meat and veg for tea.

Protein shake if im hungry late on !! How does that sound ?


If that's what you enjoy, that's pretty good.

Be careful with your choices of fruit, favouring berries, citrus or small temperate fruits.

I wouldn't trim the fat as it helps slow digestion, and provides valuable vitamins.

Some yoghurt can raise insulin levels.

Protein shake is an unnecessary waste of money; avoid processed food, eat real food;-) maybe an ounce of nuts (not peanuts or pistachios) or seeds?


Look for live yoghurt, with no added colourings, flavourings, preservatives, or sugar.


Aww good luck with everything. And what a lovely thing that your doing for your friend xxx ps I've lost about 10 pounds so far doing this but have a lng way to go


I am great, I was 14st 7lbs at the beginning of Jan, I am now 11st 12lb - 11lb to go


wow you are doing well are you counting calories ??


Kind of, I find it too much of a faff to count home made stuff so I guess and just read ingredients. Monday to Thursday I only eat a significant amount of calories on my daily evening meal, I guess even if it is around 800 that's fine, I try and exercise off the other 300 ish cals as a minimum, lucky I live a 30 min walk brisk from work I work 4 days so that is 4 hours a week of useful exercise, i have always done classes so i try to aim for 5 a week, doing some toning which I think has made a big difference. Fri- Sun I am a bit more relaxed and drink wine and gin;) may have a breakfast or lunch over the weekends in addition to my solitary evening meal. It seems to work for me but I can't say it would be everyone's cup of tea!


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