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NHS England: A Call to Action

Taking action to help SAVE Our NHS


I have been living with Traumatic Brain Injury since 1983 when I was knocked off my bike as a victim of road crime. Every year now over 1.3 million, that's 1,300,000 people, are killed on the roads globally. Road crime can easily be stopped by making roads safe but this is taking far longer than my loving father and mother expected in 1983.

Supporting Victims of road crime is clearly the way to help stop risk of further crime, firstly by treating every road death or injury as a crime. Motorists all must have vehicle insurance and Police must enforce this rigorously. All road incidents must be reported and Police must fully prosecute the guilty drivers. Drivers are responsible for road death and injury so must drive with due care and attention in order to STOP RISK.

Using a mobie telephone is against the law so Police can help STOP RISK by arresting any driver using a mobile telephone. Only by taking tough action can all lives be saved.

Please visit our site at StopRisk.page.tl and The Official United Nations site at unece.org/info/media/pressc...

It has taken a very long time (35 YEARS) since my incident in 1983 to achieve The Launch of The United Nations Road Safety Trust Fund on the 12 April 2018. This time has been spent lobbying globally and our first big achievement was when President Medvedev of Russia announced support for road safety in 2008 which led to the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011≈2020.

We still have much work to do to STOP RISK of road incidents before the end of 2020 so thank you very much for your support. Together we can STOP RISK of Traumatic Brain Injury on the roads and all this positive action is really helping me to cope with life.

I am happy to announce the Headway Advice Together Service is opening on Bournemouth Pier in November and in many ways is already open as TBI survivors meet up on the pier to discuss how we are coping with things like the DWP and so on.

Together we are taking action to stop the risk of further brain injury and SAVE Our NHS by properly enforcing the law. Our global campaign to STOP RISK really works and if you know a deadly driver just report them to the Police. It's easy to help STOP RISK.

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