Why are the GP from your local practises allowed to set up or become directors of companies providing services to the NHS,

Your GP or most of them have become shareholders in companies providing services to the NHS,this is privitisation by the back door.Your services are going to suffer in the Canterbury CCG they are trying to limit or stop you choosing your own hospital.It cannot be ethical for these doctors to lie about there shareholdings.This is our NHS and Cameron has sold us out to his rich friends

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  • They complain about their workload, but if money can be made the patients will suffer the GPs who will go for this option will probably be foreign ,in my opinion they should be struck off

  • Unfortunately GPs would have to fail a Fitness To Practice investigation and since this does not even cover negligence allegedly leading to patient death, or just plain dishonesty, it is most unlikely the GMC would do anything about it. It would probably depend on the amount of media coverage and if the GP had also been a very naughty boy (or girl, of course).

  • I am sorry that you believe this. The government has already started allowing private companies to take over services in the community. In order to keep giving patients the services they need, and not just ones that make a profit for people not involved in care, the GPs in my area have formed a company. We work to keep local services local and if we ever make a profit it will go back in to the surgeries to keep staff employed despite the cuts to funding.

  • Many GPs are honest but this is simply not true in all cases - GPs are some of the highest paid staff in the NHS and they are getting directorships in provider companies from which they are buying services in their Clinical Commissioning Group roles.

  • It is a difficult one. The government insists that all GPs are members of a CCG, however I agree those directly involved in buying services should not also be leading in provision. Anyone standing for directorship in our local provider company had to give up any role in the CCG. Also the provider company directors have not received any reimbursement for the hours they have worked so far. I would go much further than saying many GPs are honest. I would say most GPs are working hard in the best interests of their patients in politically and financially difficult times.

    But believe what you will.

  • Each CCG should have a Conflict of Interest Register so that you can see which GPs on the Governing Body have outside interests. You should also find that they are excluded from any discussion/decision where they have a conflict - check the CCG Governing Body Minutes, available on the CCG website.

    Secondly, lets cut the privatisation crap once and for all. Most GPs, Pharmacies, Dentists etc are small business and therefore private companies. Most catering and support services in hospital are private companies. My local hospital came out top for cleanliness, food etc - the company that runs all this is Compass / Medirest - the same company that runs M&S Cafe & Restaurant, school meals and range of hospitality services - they are at the leading edge and it shows.

    Lets not forget that most surgeon's and some other doctors run private practice.

    It doesn't matter whether the care and treatment is public or privately provided - just as long as it's the best.

    What does matter is that care and treatment is provided free of charge at the point of need.

  • Could they do this if they had taken a hippocratic oath ? And why is GMC run by a questionable call centre on remits .

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