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Experiences of changing hospitals during care

Hi there, I'm a journalist researching for a project looking at NHS communication between hospitals and I would be interested in speaking to anyone who has swapped care from one hospital to another, only for a lack of communication to mean your care has suffered?

Does anyone - or anyone you know - have a story like this? If so, please get in touch on joe.bray@city.ac.uk, and any information can of course be anonymous! Thanks in advance!

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I was admitted to my local hospital 18 months ago with pneumonia. I am registered with Papworth Hospital where I have been an inpatient on several occasions. I asked the staff at my local hospital to get my notes from Papworth so that they would have full information on my medicatins, allergies etc. but they said they couldn't do that, the result being that I didn't receive the appropriate treatment for at least 3 days.

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Oh dear ......I will help .Have a MA2004 re this which had to self fund but was given Special assistance re disability ignored in those of a certain age organised via the technical showing the effect of the cutting off & negligence of NHS constitution via policy & procedures from the Government ???!!! It was sculpture/installation showing need to restructure .

Much of the waste is coming from Doctors via Registrars starting at square one each time due to probably risk & Insurance Companies who won't insure me?NB Otherwise why regurgitate what told after waiting years for diagnosis , research & investigation .

I know whats wrong but decentralised Government doesn't want to see operating legally yet controlling via inappropriate funding .The NHS is not free we fund it & trust the Government that it is behaving ethically by seeing it gives everyone at least a basic level which is not Primary Care surely ?


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