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NHS England: A Call to Action
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Meto am sent to Oblivion - from a Bed blocker classed as Vulnerable to be isolated & ignored as of a Certain Age , Solo with Disabilities

Just sent to the GOV website to be sent into oblivion you by the unqualified on remits ??!!Been coming to you Equalities Commission since 1996 to no avail including endemic harassment & bullying ...getting worse .Why you have copied same illegal structure no discretion no fair hearing especially if of a certain age & disabled??!!

What is happening now in hospitals I have seen coming since 1996 The Royal Courts of Justice admin deliberately lost the papers for Independent Review .Also have MA 2003 on its effect artistically .

the issues of the sasme illegal unethical operation.


I have been trying to find an someone with ethical responsibility to penetrate these illegal call centres Equalities Ombudsmen Information Call Centres not allowing a Fair Hearing & resolution.with no discretion as our elected reps are not contactable because admins directed by insurance companies & incorrectly funded LAs have allowed franchising out so can discriminate . They are targetting those of certain age not brought up with computers , the disabled with multi chronic conditions - i have multi conditions with educational dyspraxia MA 2003 level. everything i do is challenging unfair acces & being ripped off even in education . Deliberately discriminating & causing human rights abuse illegally ignoring the law as every call centre copies each other with no discretion , no recording, no confidentiality as even Government is allowing their admin to deal with issues on remits & have not the ability to assess criteria decide who should be forwarded on [ lawyers] No HEAD oFFICES .tHIS TIME it is YHA refusing discount on Membership on first booking with Customer Service & Charities Commission not fit for purpose .The YHA is not giving me a discount on bed booked in Bristol before Xmas as had organised it via Booking .com who are the mediators have they franchised out to to rip off? .If you have to confirm & pay on arrival shouldn't it happen then.What is going on? When asked for Refund of Membership as discriminating over this & things it gives discount for & Fair Hearing is this appropriate or reasonable .They are copying the corporate and following their dishonest operation with backlogs & remits.Is this an fair & ethical way of operating/How many £3 a person do they fleece mainly International I suspect. When I ask for Refund of Membership because of deliberate brain fog & discrimination because of dyspraxiac with mobility scooter & no Carerin where allocated as many suitable rooms charged for empty bunks at a price can't manage. Like Show more reactions Comment Share Chronological Comments YHA England and Wales YHA England and Wales Hi Julie, unfortunately customers who book through Booking.com or any third party booking site are not entitled to membership discount which is why we always recommend booking direct through YHA.org.uk. You can find out more about our Best Price Guarantee and the reasons for booking direct here - yha.org.uk/book-direct Thanks The YHA Team Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry · Reply · 1 hr · Edited Manage Julie Shrive There are Laws & Trading Standards you are franchising out illegally just like every other call centre my contract is with you .What about a refund of Membership as this was first book .Surely you are not ripping me off .I am also dyspraxia MHave Cert Entitlement DlA Appeals [ given taken away till had to die to get it with expert witnesses ignored.by system starting with the Government with unproportionally represented Cabinet allowing the Treasury to not do its Maths appropriately using averaging out then franchising out to deceive & rip off …Human rights abuse?Dvla is now typing our registration into cameras when we go to new areas not standardised not informed & gave moved because they are dividing up not informing or updating on backlogs .Most arecc not writing down/recording actual contact honestly or getting signatures & having signed what you contact them about e.g.: Equalities Act , Vulnerable Status .the police are also doing this not recording correctly.Now Ds without hippocratic oaths allowing admin directed by LA & techinical online forms etc .DLA too are preventing appropriate research & patient orientated treatment via policy of acute only with no patient orientated research & testing .No antibiotics even when sepsis is there by no testing in Primary Care & A&E.Speciaslists working privately & requested referral to tertiary sector yet in online record saying the spina bifida isn’t underlying spinal spasticity & cutis acute 3 weekly neurogenic bladder, double ureters .In part told by GPs referring me to the secondary sector that Thatcher cut back via policies , that they were nit taught about disability in Medical School.Now they are not allowed to Test & research allowing the medically unqualified to replace unmonitored organising appt inappropriately with no knowledge Eg: Lung Function, Telecare Pharmacies[ doses box] ,Gp p/t wallowing funds to go to CCG with No testing or attention to symptoms .

Please assist me to before I die before I should as classed as a bed blocker to be libelled & anbused.[ Can’t get past the receptionist with Lawyers .The Equalities Act & NHS Constitution are ignored & my Cert of Entitlement & Graph re Sepsis attached