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The hospital notified me and faxed paperwork for me to sign for my husband to stay alive, but before I can get to him The doctor pulled him off the ventilator and I got a call my husband died. What can I do they took my husband without my permission.

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Cassandrajackson, my very deepest condolences to you, but please don't jump to conclusions. Although you were being asked to give permission to have your husband on life support, it doesn't mean that it could necessarily have saved him.

You are probably in deep shock, but for your answers you need to talk to the team that was looking after him and ask answers of them as to what the cause of death actually was, whether they did, or did not turn off life support before you gave consent for it to happen.

It would be rare to impossible for a team caring for someone in that situation, not to give family the opportunity to be there when support was switched off, so I have the sense that it may have been whatever was wrong with your husband that led to his passing.

It's perfectly normal to want to lash out when you are feeling such shock and grief, but ask the right questions before you give yourself more stress than is really necessary.

Again, my very deepest condolences to you for your loss.


That's absolutely terrible.You need answers to why this has happened.Complaints commissions if you don't get any true answers.Sorry for your pain and loss.Stress you must be suffering at this time.Life is precious.My heart goes out to you.

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