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The Worst GP

The worst GP i have ever seen in my entire life is the 30 Church Road London E12 6AQ and I will never recommend them to any of my family or friends,sometimes when you visit they don't keep medical history all they do is guessing and you cant get an easy appointment there only if you are bleeding blood from every parts of your body as a local resident is feel very sad each time I walk pass the street and watch that building.For past 4 years my wife had suffered 4 horrible miscarriage under this pg the last one happend just 3 days ago and each time she visits the gp all they do is keep asking silly questions like have you never had a miscarriage? When did it happened?the worst part is you cant see the doctors.The worst is that this gp will never care about the psychological,mentally or emotional effects this might cus to a family after 4 horrible miscarriages,they don't care,if you are not one of them that's how I see it.well I just hope the hole country should be reading this and put them to shame, I understand there has been so many changes in the system but still I feel this particular gp is purposely taking advantage of that to some ethnic minorities,after all the pains my wife has changed so much, scared to visit,seeking help or visiting that church road gp,scared to get close to me or even have sex,we don't talk as we us to,pains and agony is really affecting our marriage, there doctors in this god forsaken gp don't you think that you should have done at list a little help for us?

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I need your advice pleas.


Complain, then change your Doctor.

My doctor is useless I returned a heart monitor two weeks ago today, with many recordings saying to see your doctor. I still have not been seen, neither has the doctor looked at the recordings.


Sorry to say our doctors are just out of school by the looks of it and the lost of compassion and bedside manner has long gone.A lot of doctors are not any good i am afraid.


my advice is to complaint it to the gp pactice manager and you make a formal complaint about it.

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