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Health negligence

Hi there, I wonder if anyone out there could help me? I went for swabs in August 2014 at a local GP when calling for results they told me my results where N/A (No action required). I went to an appointment yesterday(10.11.2014) who then mentioned my swabs had a positive outcome with an STI. I would like to take this further as I have had this infection for 3 months without being aware. Can anyone help me? Please. Thank you x

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yes ur local pals


Agreed Pals is your best option, you can contact them on line from the NHS choices page. But do it quickly as details become blurred the longer the time since the mistake occurred. Good luck.



At the GP Surgery there now should be two flyers advertising HEALTHWATCH. One explains the organisation and the other for you if you have a complaint. Fill the easy to fill form and send it to the address associated with the organisation.

There should now be a local office within your area, if there is nothing at the surgery and there is not a representative on the Patient Participation Group, go to the reception and they may be able to help. You can also get the forms at the local hospital in the main reception area

Good Luck



I was told my xray showed a mild infection from my GP reception but I had I in fact got full blown pneumonia when I went back as it was getting worse they told me.


Thank you very much everyone!! I will do this ASAP x


I don,t wish to be flippant but you should probably tell some of your local "mates" too(when I first read it I thought that,s what was meant).


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