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Meningitus Jabs - Sepsis Discrimination ?

Meningitus Jabs - Sepsis Discrimination ?

On Thursday, 10 November 2016, 11:48, julie shrive <julie.shrive@sky.com> wrote to Gemma Dunston Radio Glos re news on Meningitus Jab for children - Could it be a cure for the chronic & no antibiotics when acute ?? !eg :diabetes 1, COPD, maternity , LIPO-LYMPHOEDEMA [ cellulitus] chronic utis re : disability at birth or when later researched re: mine 1969 - foreign Drs [ includes Russia and Eire ] In A& E told me ' hands are tied" re TESTING for sepsis when directed not to test eg: PROSTRATE CANCER :Give it to everyone not being given antibiotics[ POLICY?] & see it disappear hopefully .

Re phone call 9.45p re MENINGITUS JAB for children & young adults This is all very well but is discriminating because I believe it is connected to Sepsis- Sepsis Trust and involves A& Es closing after not testing from Governmental direction via inappropriate funding-


This is achieved by averaging out & Cuts each round doing as before cutting on cut so that many citizens most with chronic conditions EG: Diabetes COPD acute if neglected to go to A& E because GPs not allowed to Research only in non contactable tertiary sector none have contact with employing those from abroad knowing no different have told me in Emergency Depts “Hands are tied”.Consequently a rod is made for their backs as not resolved fairly.I was on Link Panel at local GPs in London & went to a meeting where proposing to give unqualified medical no Specialist overseeing swimming lessons , diet etc I pointed out as daughter of a pharmacist that they must never do that as was extremely dangerous.Were there any other patients or Charities help groups? None oh yes one Asian man .He and I concluded it was because of Nbeing unable to function in the system with a HIPPOCRATIC OATH so don't take ignore issues.NB Diabetes [ insulin one] & gangrene amputations/sepsis fatal without target antibiotics same with utis symptoms of other serious conditions seen as women's problem when equally mens NSU

When Telecare & SAB Safeguarding vulnerable Adults board does this they ignore agreed procedures [ SS enjoying the drama of sending out ambulances indiscriminantly or taking up issues fairly [ not on a remit] so have had to cancel x2 to find ripped off by a charity franchising out to a call centre..They cancelled first re:suspect blaming

Medicine is an art as well as a science , the hub of the Doctors job symptons and evidence. When went to new p/t GP the other day was told they are discriminating especially regarding safety re telecare & fact I had cardiac arrest 14yrs after classic heart failure symptons ignored with no plan or provision as should be happening via NHS Constitution &NICE . Only been here 4mths for ones before to say don’t deal with cardio pulmonary on pulmonary hypertension found after a delay of from MI where revived & force out viasecurity to no carers or family

Is this why if you manage to find if you can get made appt via Choose & Book [ used any old way by administration ] it is not your choice and only send to hospitals you have had issues that have unfairly investigated by those on contract/remit blaming with A& E with no specialist triaging & directing .Surely most important job?!It appears GPs being directed by their P/T contracts and NO HIPPOCRATIC OATH. As would never have allowed this to happen except many have other agendas

Averaging out means cuts .It is not appropriate cut cutting on cuts I thought we had representatives to uphold & oversee our interest notably the Drs,Councillors & MPs .This does not appear to be happening as they allow unreasonably imposed time management with Thatcher cutting off the very citizens with the discretion ethics and reason .

Why is NHS structured to reduce the lifespan of those it is supposed to serve . Put insurance companies in charge of administrations with no-one in charge and reason does not prevail even Head Offices now call centres all copying now franchising out with biased Ombudsman call centres funded by those it ignores the investigation of

It is now Drs who are all part time as they watch their employers make work for themselves with 10 min- 20min appt when you have had numerous hospital monitoring appts cut.

However did get research and Spina bifida occulta re : utis acute 3 weekly found along with petit mal, fatty liver, scarred kidneys.but my online medical record says not to be taken account of Low Priority

These same people Civil Service Treasury/Government directed history not to be taught in schools we are reaping the cosequences now – wars , Brexit Donald Trump after Thatcher ?

NB Did inform LBC – James Whale / ken Livingstone , George Galloway beforethe MI after had been targeted physically out of teaching then did BA & MA visual Arts concept – Impressionism & abstraction of photography & sculptural installation identity & how viewed by system as one ages

NB was given physical assistance re spina bifida problems & movement & technical & on MA or dyspraxia [ same TEST as for dementia] Late Mother had multi infart dementia so severrly .Yet late Father[ pharmacist] with cancer was her carer not given social service or ambulance assistance when dhe ha TIAs . This is probably genetic?


[Miss - 70 YRS SINGLE /SOLO/DISABLED ] potential bed blocker.Loose canon re: Issues

The negligence of single disabled status is another ISSUE as well as Lifestyle ??!!! Also DLA re THIS

NB RE ; LA Barnet targeted into early medical retirement age 50 teaching B post into early medical retirement because of GIVING NO ANTIBIOTIC POLICY & HOSPITAL MONITORING APPTS where medication given taken away with NO Referrals policy or Middle Management with discretion not remits.

8 DLA Appeal Tribunals [ gave took away 3-4x , ignoring classic heart failure symptoms that GPs equally directed to ignore re POLICY & PROCEDURES copied from corporate re NO MIDDLE MANAGEMENT with no monitoring & no discretion & no fair hearing as not objective due to contracts & remits .

Finally gave it indefinite period after fatal heart attack when just taken off 24 holter monitor fromm bowel hospital still not showing problem till July 2016 re Reveal Device not revealing the problem - needs to be mini defibrillator or pacemaker ue to risk .GPs still ignoring .The former told to leave as did not want to abide by NHS Constitution despite Certificate of Entitlement below .And they allowed there to be no suitable provision locally or at Gloucester Royal NB Complaint not addressed fairly re drafting sending to SEAP told useless.Still can't get Social Services due to this negligence or tele care/ tele health or mini pacemaker , defibrillator because of risk to me not the insurance company of call centre.