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While the Cats away ...... Is this a scam?

You wait months ,nearly a year to see a consultant booked by the GP surgery letting the admin play at Choose and Book inappropriately then later blame you. T hen you're faced with the dreaed Registrar who is either a student or someone contracted in who records what you to tell them with one or two omissions or mistakes .They then send it back to GP with no follow up or treatment .They appear to be playing chinese whispers .I hold those Specialists in charge of Depts who should be full time, responsible .Are there any?

They should see you in and see you outas they used to before Thatcher so noone can give you the run around .By the way the follow up letter is always written to a GP no longer there telling you to be referred to those locally employing same carry on - blaming like a call centre . I have now found Junior GPs refusing to read them or addressing no provision delay issues . Arrogantly saying to your face that they are actively discriminating against the single and disabled and nobody makes it there concern.How are on earth are they managing to qualify?

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