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anti transsexual practise

when i was registerd at westgate surgery. they know i am transexual and first conversation was we dont get many people like you as of course you would expect and they never say long.

would not give me my gender treatment prescriptions had to complain. i been on treatment two years before seeing them and was registerd female on medical records birth gender was male. they changed my gender back to male and would not change it back to female until i stated i would take legal action. my regular injections part of gender treatment. i was not getting them had to keep chasing and complaining and some injections over a month and half late. with then 2 years only saw a gp fface to face once as they refused to do home visits. even thou i am registerd disabled and housebound often bedbound. they delayed gender process by writing letters to clinic asking basic information that was already in my medical records and they are suppose to know anyway. they wrote three letters a couple months apart each. all about the saame thing blood test and injections medication. they pretended they did not know what i was to get or what blood test were needed. they wrote asked , then they waited got the reply then wrote asking when do i get test. wasting time as could of asked at same time. three letters when one would of done and saved months of time. no letters needed as on medical records. so wasted over 6 months. also changing me o male on medical file and did not tell me i only found out as it said mr and male on bloodtest result. they were hidding change but refusing to recognise me as female. that is discrimination and breach of law . complained but nhs england said it was ok for them to change my gender which is wrong as it is breaking the law. i am to be treated in my chosen gender and all medical records to show that chosen gender. things just got worse as time passed more and more issues with the practise. things so bad , damage done that i can not go through gender reasignment now due to there medical neglect and there disregard and complete failure to treat me as stated by the uk and european laws.

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Firstly, do you have an immune system problem such as Lupus?

Perhaps there is a better site that can advise and help you with all this.

We may not be the best to support you as we all have lupus or immune system problems.

I sympathise with what you are going through as I experienced many similar problems when I complained about being given the wrong drugs in hospital that messed up my health, but this does not really help you.

At least you have it all written down now.

Could you not change practices; seek help from PALS or go to the CAB for advise - even your MP.

I find the situation with GP's and records appalling, as I was told to use something recently that I had a bad reaction to only 4 or 5 years ago.

I suspect it could be to do with the computerised system - as when it was all handwritten they seem to have access to more detail from my experience and further back. They only seem to have access to a couple of months ago records of mine now.

Good luck with your attempts and keep positive.

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the new emis system goes back to my childhood from records i can see via emis patient access system. the gp have been using computer system long before the official change and paper rtecorrds all scanned and kept upto date. i use to install gpass which was a medical record keeping program when i was working in it. i have changed gp practise due to issue recently BUT its too late now as damage has been done.

its the cant be bothered attitude they have that really gets me. it seems if you are not considered a asset to society you get less care , or could just be entire nhs system is in a mess. i would even go as far to say nhs system has failed completely and responsible for many medical neglect , mis-diagnosis and failure to treat. causing further issues to many people.


They are right and they are wrong. Drugs affect males and females differently. So there needs to be a record of what your genetic profile is.


legally i must be down as female. all medication and results treated as female. i checked with solicitor and they were breaking the laws in uk , european and basic human rights laws. hence why they had to change it back. any gp before prescribing medication looks at records or speaks with patient. a note of file stating transexual is placed as well and medication prescribed reflects ths fact. so there is no reason it should be change d to original gender. otherwise they would never of changed gender to female.


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