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Do I need proof of address to register at my GP/get an appointment?

At the start of the year I moved down to London to start my new job.

For the first few months I lived with my sister and registered at her local GP with no problems (they asked for some ID + the registration form of course).

I've since moved out and moved into my own place.

I tried to sign up to the local GP down the road but was told I can't as I need proof of address (along with ID; which I have).

I was told I could use a council tax letter however the tax (and bills) is included in my rent and is sorted out by my landlord. I was then told that I need to change the address for my bank and get them to send me a letter.

Seeing as I will be living here less than a year I prefer to keep my bank address registered to my parents house - saves constantly changing it.

Will changing my bank address be the only way to get proof of address? Can't I register without it?

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