Need urgent help! X

I went a@e yesterday for fifteenth time with severe headaches burning all over Sking crawling pins n needles! Plus I've been hearing voices severley agitated anxious depressed angry and insomnia!! Macclesfield hospital my gp and the psych drs say in a total unsympathetic voice oh it's ok it must be tough go home no meds ever it's in your care plan?? What! I am fuming and want something done now thank you! Please can get me the urgent help I need please before it's all over for me! My contact number is 07821586687 x

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  • You sound like your having a terribley difficult time and you seem desperate, maybe give the Samaritans a call and you will be able to talk things through with a Samaritan, it won't cure you but at least get your stress lbs down a bit.

    National helpline, 08457909090 I really hope you can find the help you so obviously need.


  • Hi. I know how you feel ,iv got BIPOLAR, and it gives me burning down my legs ,head burning,then I explode ,.

    PLEASE PLEASE go to your DOCTORS ,it took me a year before I got appointment, and that was the worse year of my life ,I self harmed as well.

    Don't get brushed of

    Take care.

    Thinking of you .

    Sending lots of Love an Healing.

    Love an Huggs.

    JACQUI x

  • Find out where your local MIND is and pay them a visit. They will know who to approach who have an understanding of your situation.

    National MIND 0300 123 3393 (weekdays 9am - 6pm)

    Hope this helps.

  • How are your B12 levels and also your thyroid levels - if both are low this can lead to so many serious mental issues. Years ago T3 - the active thyroid hormone - was used to treat depression and more. Also low B12 can cause neurological issues. The gut micro-biome is also involved - oh dear so much to learn and so much to do. You need to make a list of what is important for is often the simplest things that can make a difference. We are what we eat...

    Your headaches and skin issues are screaming LOW iron and B12 to me :-)

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