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7cm by 2cm deep Cut in thigh on Sunday repaired Tuesday

My son is a keen football player in a few local league teams and was in a third cup final for one team for the season. Well they had a hard time but beat the opposition.

As you see so many times on the TV they were all in a group celebrating after being given their player Glass trophies. My son jumps up in the group and one of the players trophy was in the wrong place at the wrong time and sliced a 7cm by 2cm deep gash. exposing muscle and fat etc. in his thigh. The opposition had a paramedic on their team and acted instantly of which we are all very grateful as it was not far away from the femoral we found out later.

Once he was admitted to A&E he was seen after a few hours and told that a specialist needs to see it as it will need surgery to put together. It was unfortunate for my son that the hospital is a trauma center and the helicopter bought in very urgent cases. Because of this he was moved to an obs ward. It was then decided that he would be moved to day surgery unit at 00:00. At 06:00 being nbm they told him he would be dealt with later but by 16:00 they told him to go home and come back at 07:00 the next day.

Once we got to aonther ward we were booked in and then told that he will be done in the afternoon. It appears that the person that was due to be done before my son was still at her home? I was told to go home and call at 16:00 as he should be down by then. At 14:00 my son called to say he could be picked up as his 2 hour repair had been done. They had to remove all the dead bits after the wait but seem to have done what was needed.

In conclusion there seems to be a lack of communication between departments. But all in all the staff at all levels did do their very best with what they had.

Be Well

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