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Arachnoiditis a virtually unknown disability

Coursed by medical injection to the spine

Over the years I myself and thousands of people with this severe complaint called Arachnoiditis have suffered at the hands of the medical profession, through ignorance, not of there doing, but the Government.

The Injection used was called Myadil and was banned in most Countries throughout the word, but not in the United Kingdom until 1970, by this time the damage had been done to thousands of people.

Elements that doctors could not explain, X-rays that showed nothing, CT Scans that came up blank,

patients that had spinal operations they did not need, all because of ignorance.

I have over the years argued with my doctor thinking I was becoming a hypochondriac because of all the pills I was given for pain relief that did nothing to help. I bought a TENs machine for relief, I also bought a Leg Pressure Machine (Wellingtons that blew up) to help with circulation, spinal supports etc and nothing provided from NHS or Social Services, but none work. As the problem is in the nervous system of the spine, which affects the all of the body, it’s an imposable to diagnose what is going on with a patient as it is hard for the patient to explain themselves, i.e. sever pain that is everywhere in the body, chest complaint where the person cannot breath, heart problems that don’t show up on CT Scans, these are a few of the systems that the patient has to cope with, and the doctor that looks at you as though you’re a hypochondriac. this again is down to the medical lack of knowledge in to this medical condition.

Recently I was admitted to hospital with a bladder condition 5 days later I was discharged with a chest complaint and severe water retention, I was rushed back in as a emergency with CCF my wife was told that my lungs was like sponge’s and that my heart was not copping, I was put on water tablets and lost three-quarters of a stone in fluid in two days. Though this was not the cause of my deterioration, it was the trigger that stated a severe spinal trauma in my nervous system. From that day on my heath deteriorated, my quality of life became nil, and for the last two years I have been in hospital many times for CT Scans, X-rays for the heart, checks for the Lungs and checks on my abdomen. I’ve had a cameras up and a cameras down, with the so called Specialists still scratching their heads, its not their fault, most of them have never heard of Arachnoiditis.

Over the years my wife and I have done a lot of research in to Arachnoiditis. as I have suffered with it for over fifty years, at the beginning I thought I had a back injury, then some thirty years later I was examined by a Spinal Specialist and was told that the injection to my spine had caused more damage than the spinal injury itself. And so far, there is no real help anywhere, as it was stated to me by one of the medical top knobs “anyone with Arachnoiditis will all be dead in ten years time”, so what he means is Why should the medical people or Government bother.

And before everyone starts, we know that there are other severe disabilities around (generic) some by (accidents). Mine was by a (chemical) distributed by a medical company to the NHS, but was banned in most Countries, but not in the United Kingdom till 1970.