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Morton's Neuroma surgery on the NHS or private??

For the past sixteen years I've been told I have arthritis and have to live with it. I've seen two rheumatologists in two different hospitals. I managed to get ultrasound which proved me right,morton's on both feet. I was hoping for surgery but today my G.P. says no I have to have injections. I contacted my hospital surgeon what didn't want to know. Where does this leave me??ok I can have the injections but having had the pain so long I think the neuromas won't respond. This leaves me with the option of going private,seeing the same surgeon in the same hospital. Is this fair?? Has anyone any idea of cost??

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Hi beaton,

I have had trouble with my left foot for many years which was attributed to my Parkinson's disease. This is quite a common phenomenon with PD causing feet to turn inwards & toes to claw. By persistence I persuaded my GP to refer me to an orthopaedic foot specialist who diagnosed Morton's neuroma & suggested a cortisone injection. I fiercely rejected this as I have never known of anyone getting long-lasting relief this way. I was wrong.

I hardly felt the injection & have had no problems since. On the positive side as a result of demonstrating my ability to adapt & willingness to follow directions I quickly had surgery for a bunion on that foot which was also successful. Having experienced both procedures on the NHS I would advise that you have the injection(s) & I hope that they work as believe me surgery on the foot/feet is unpleasant & to be avoided if possible.


Thanks Honeycombe for your very positive reply. I also have bunions on both feet. I think my feelings of rejection by the NHS are justified when you research on the internet and see other peoples positive outcomes,which give you hope and then you are told it's not for you. I shall try the injections and hope they do work.I just wish I had the money to go private,then I'm sure the op. would be no problem.


Hi Beaton,

My wife had the op, went well but the damn thing came back again further up the nerve. Had a second op followed by a third occurrence of the neuroma in a different place. This time went to a consultant podiatrist (Salford based if that's near you) - on the NHS - who gave her an injection, insoles and advice on what shoes to wear ie he looked at whole foot not just the neuroma and I think that's the key - look at the whole foot; which is where you want the consultant podiatrist rather than a GP or surgeon - a different skill set.

She needed a second injection and that's four years ago. Everything is not perfect but she can walk 10 miles in a day in walking boots but she cannot wear high heels or flip-flops ie she needs sensible shoes.

The op wasn't a free ride - while it removed the neuroma there was still some pain and discomfort in the foot probably from the op.


Thanks NHSatheist, :(


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