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my brother had had gall stones and the GP wnt write sick cert so I cant get support whilst not wrkn is this right?

had gall stones for 3yrs and lost 5st canot eat or drink anything but water/bolied rice my body rejects everything and I am in constant pain and under the hospital I am self employed an wrked all my life how can this be right! that the JSA r telin me along with all medical staff its my GPs decision wether my rent gets payed n my kids eat whilst im repairing mentally/physically to return to wrk after surgery but now in deep depression n wnt leave the house what do I do?? even the surgeon said my ops within 8wks and he cldnt comment bout the gp wat does he do?

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Gallstones the operation is keyhole, should be back by now

Had same back on feet for that Have you other problems


Sorry to hear no support from GP.

I know how it feels I have been told the waiting list is fourteen to sixteen weeks unless I go private (Hmm). I often say I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but maybe if they had some experience of the pain etc they may not be so dismissive .

Hope you have had your op by now, at least they should then give you your sick note.


Mine was ignored by NHS suspect, Low Priority Policy, so when had private gastric band in Belgium paid for it to be done at same time .

The surgeon said it was sediment that if had got into system could be extremely dangerous .I wonder was it this that had caused the cardiac arrest ?


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